‘General Hospital’ Fans Go Wild Over Sam’s Declaration Of Love For Jason, ‘DreAm’ Team Isn’t Giving Up Yet

Ever since Steve Burton returned to General Hospital, there has been an intense war among viewers regarding whether Kelly Monaco’s Sam should be with Burton’s Jason or Billy Miller’s Drew. The “Killy” versus “JaSam” crews have been butting heads on social media for months now, but a key scene between Jason and Sam during the Port Charles earthquake this week has had JaSam fans walking on clouds. What are they saying?

After months of torture with Sam determined to remain with Drew despite Jason’s stunning return to Port Charles, she admitted that she’s still in love with Jason while they were trapped during the aftermath of the earthquake. JaSam fans went crazy on social media over that General Hospital scene, with many noting that they’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.

General Hospital viewers have long loved the chemistry between Sam and Jason, and they were thrilled to see this tender moment play out and the sparks of fireworks flashing again. Some JaSam supporters note that this is the best week since Burton’s return, and they can’t wait to see where things head next. Some even started using the hashtag #JaSamReunion2018, but spoilers hint that things may get more difficult before Jason and Sam are truly reunited.

The JaSam shippers are definitely feeling the love right now, but the “DreAm” or “SaD” fanbases aren’t ready to throw in the towel. The Drew and Sam crew are also taking to social media to voice support for their favorite General Hospital pair, and they aren’t ready to say that this relationship is truly over. They are certain that Sam and Drew can work through these obstacles and come out on the other end stronger than ever.

Can Sam move forward with Drew now that she’s acknowledged she still has love for Jason, or is JaSam destined to reunite as their fans believe? General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be no easy resolution on this front, and there is more drama to come.

There has been plenty of criticism with the Port Charles storylines of late, both in terms of overall plots as well as in relation specifically to the Sam/Jason/Drew saga. However, the past few episodes seem to have gotten people excited again, and it is clear that there is a lot of chaos and drama on the way. Stay tuned for new General Hospital spoilers as they become available to see what’s coming next for Kelly Monaco’s Sam, Billy Miller’s Drew, and Steve Burton’s Jason.

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