Redditors Predict Sex Of Jinger Duggar’s Baby Based On Her Nose, But Experts Say It’s Breast Size That Counts

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Jinger Duggar still hasn’t revealed whether she’s pregnant with a boy or a girl. Her silence on the subject has caused nonstop speculation about the sex of her unborn baby, and some Duggar fans have started looking to old wives’ tales for answers. A few of Jinger’s admirers are in agreement with one such belief tying the size of a pregnant woman’s nose to her baby’s sex.

On Tuesday, the Duggar family shared a new video of Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo congratulating Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson on their engagement. The mother-to-be’s baby bump is not visible in the video, but its absence didn’t stop fans from talking about her pregnancy. The video was shared and discussed on the Counting On subreddit, where one redditor observed that Jinger’s nose appears to be growing along with her baby bump.

“Have y’all ever heard the wives tale that when a woman is pregnant, if her nose gets wider she’s having a girl? Not making fun of Jinger AT ALL. She’s gorgeous. Just wondering,” the comment read.

Two redditors responded by claiming that they had personal experience with this unscientific pregnancy prediction method. Both of them swore that a swollen nose was an accurate indicator that they would give birth to girls.

According to Romper, facial swelling during pregnancy is no old wives’ tale. Pregnancy causes blood vessels to expand, and this increase in blood flow can temporarily change a nose’s shape. Fluid retention is also a common cause of swelling. However, while the redditors’ observation about the changing size of Jinger Duggar’s nose might not be imagined, there is no truth to the belief that a swollen nose can determine the sex of a baby.

There is, however, another body part that can be used to predict whether a pregnant woman is having a boy or girl. According to BabyMed, some studies have shown that women who are pregnant with girls experience more breast swelling than women who are pregnant with boys. Researcher Andrzej Galbarczyk published his findings on the matter in the American Journal of Human Biology, and he has a theory that may explain why this is the case.

“The ultimate function of early breast enlargement may function to ensure greater involvement from partners, which is especially important to mothers expecting daughters, who might be in poorer nutritional condition,” he hypothesized.

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As reported by the Daily Mail, science journalist Jena Pincott has also suggested that women who are pregnant with boys may experience less breast swelling due to the testosterone produced by a male fetus. According to Pincott’s findings, the bust size of a woman pregnant with a girl increases by an average of 3.1 inches, while that of a woman expecting a boy increases by an average of 2.5 inches.

However, Jinger Duggar doesn’t have to look to her current bra size for a sex prediction. She’s currently at the 20-week mark of her pregnancy, which means that an ultrasound technician should be able to tell whether she’s having a baby boy or girl. Unfortunately for Duggar fans, all they can do is wait for her to share this information with them.