March 7, 2018
Katherine Heigl Shows Post-Baby Body In Printed Bikini During Family Vacation In Cabo San Lucas

Katherine Heigl showed off her post-baby body in a printed bikini on the beach of Cabo San Lucas. The 39-year-old star is on a getaway with her husband and three kids before she starts work again soon. Katherine has been open about working hard to get her body back in good condition. Since she gave birth to son, Josh, Jr. 14 months ago, the former Grey's Anatomy star has been on a quest to get her best frame.

Just Jared reports that Heigl is in Mexico for a much-needed family vacation. The actress begins filming Suits in April, one of the reasons she wants to look her best. From the looks of it, Katherine is doing making her goal. As seen in tweeted pics here from Daily Mail and Just Jared, Katherine Heigl donned a two-piece bikini that had a high-neck halter-style top and bottoms that tied on the side of her hips. She had her hair up in a high bun and accessorized the look with a bracelet and a pair of sunglasses. Heigl was on the beach with her husband, Josh Kelley, and two of their adopted children -- Naleigh and Adalaide. Josh, Jr. wasn't seen during this particular beach outing. He was in photos that Heigl posted to her Instagram account on Monday, however. Those images can be seen below in which Katherine wore a red bikini doing impressive leaps along the waves.

"First family vacation in two years…man am I grateful to be here! #thoseheavenlydays are sun soaked ocean views enjoyed with friends and family! #mexicofantastico," Katherine Heigl captioned a photo on her Instagram account Wednesday.

Katherine shared three photos that showed her fitness progress since she had her son in December 2016. One of the photos showed Heigl a month before her baby was born, the second one was snapped a year later, and the third one was taken on February 19. This beach vacation and Heigl's upcoming work on Suits pushed her "deep desire" to get "fit, strong, and sexy." She was candid in her words when she wrote that she's determined to do a "deep dive search" for the ab muscles she knows are "buried under that belly somewhere!"

Being a Hollywood star requires a crazy amount of discipline to maintain an enviable physique. Katherine Heigl is honest about the intense work it takes to get in excellent condition and is inspiring to her fans.