March 7, 2018
Brandon Thomas Lee: Inside His Close Relationship With His Mom, Pamela Anderson

Brandon Thomas Lee, the 21-year-old son of actress Pamela Anderson and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, is in the news for allegedly assaulting his famous father. According to TMZ, Brandon allegedly attacked his dad after they argued over a social media post in which Tommy called out Piers Morgan for his "pathetic" interview with Pamela. In the interview, Pamela Anderson talked about Tommy's 1998 spousal abuse arrest. At the time, Lee pleaded no contest and served six months in jail.

After the altercation with his son, Tommy Lee posted, then deleted, a photo of his bloody lip which he captioned with: "My heart is broken. You can give your kids everything they could ever want in their entire lives and they can still turn against you. Good job Brandon. Great son!"

According to People, Tommy Lee was transported to the hospital after the incident, which occurred at his Calabasas, California, home.

Now, Pamela Anderson seems to be supporting her son Brandon Thomas in the aftermath of the family drama. As news of Tommy and Brandon's fight broke, Pamela Anderson posted a photo to Instagram on Tuesday which showed a collage of two dozen photos of her sons, Brandon and Dylan, 20. Pamela captioned the pic with the hashtag "my beautiful boys."

Pamela Anderson Brandon Thomas Lee

While he went to boarding school as a child, Brandon Thomas Lee is now back home. In more recent years, Lee has been his mother's date for many red carpet events. Last fall, Brandon, who works as a model, told the New York Post he even serves as a de facto stylist for his mom.

"I've been dressing my mom for years," Brandon Thomas told the Post. "She'll never admit it. Sometimes she'll have a stylist come over to the house... and right after they leave I'm like, 'You're not wearing any of that!' I don't care about the revealing stuff. I'm just like, 'You've gotta change it.' She listens to me."

Brandon also said his famous mom is now "more elegant and chic than when she was an '80s bombshell."

Last year, Pamela Anderson was photographed bringing her son Brandon as her date to the premiere of The Gunman in Los Angeles. The mom-son duo was also spotted having lunch in Malibu in December. The Daily Mail posted a photo of the former Baywatch star hugging her son Brandon Thomas Lee after they dined together at Little Beach House Malibu. It is clear Pamela Anderson is close to her number one son and it looks like they spend a lot of time together.

Pamela Anderson Son Brandon Thomas Lee

In 2015, Pamela Anderson talked to Parade about raising her boys as a single mom. Pamela praised Brandon and Dylan for their philanthropic efforts and she talked about the lessons she tried to teach them as they were growing up. Pamela told Parade the following.

"I want them to respect women. I say even if it's just for mom."
"I haven't given them too many shining examples in our personal life," Pamela added. "I think the one thing I have shown my kids is that you don't have to put up with abuse. You are not locked into something. "

Of her relationship with her sons Brandon and Dylan, Pamela Anderson said, "We are a close family. The three of us — the magic triangle."

Of course, before their recent altercation, Tommy Lee also had a close relationship with his oldest son. Last June, Brandon posted a sweet Father's Day tribute to his dad. Brandon was even reportedly living at Tommy's house part-time when their recent fight occurred.

And when Brandon was a baby, Tommy Lee dedicated the song "Brandon" to his one-year-old son. "Brandon" appeared on Motley Crue's 1997 album Generation Swine—and it was way better than a lullaby.