Meghan Markle Voted More 'Relatable' Than Kate Middleton According To Recent Poll

Meghan Markle may have have just become engaged to Prince Harry in November, yet, she has already won the hearts and minds of the U.K. residents, per a new poll, reports Express.

The Suits actress is considered "more relatable" than her future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Meghan received 29 percent of the votes, making her the second most "relatable royal," while Duchess Kate received 13 percent, which put her into fifth place.

According to the poll, conducted by, a whopping 49 percent believe that the Duchess of Cambridge has become "less relatable" since she said her vows to Prince William at Westminster Abbey nearly seven years ago.

The believe is that Kate has been "molded into someone else since her wedding." Could this be the case for Meghan Markle, who is about two months will become an official member of the royal family when she marries Prince Harry at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19?

Currently, the former actress and future royal is the second most relatable, behind her princely fiancé, Harry, who, despite his royal status, is the "most relatable royal."

The reason? It is because she is relatable, as "Britons feel the American former actress is the royal woman most people can relate to."

And breaking down the numbers further, 31 percent of the 2,311 Britons who were polled, believe that Meghan Markle was more relatable because she was an actress before she met Prince Harry.

Eleven percent thought she as more relatable because Meghan is a feminist, while 14 percent thought she was relatable because she was "down to earth."

As for happy-go-lucky Harry, he is in close proximity to the throne, as the son and brother of the future kings. Yet, he is able to live to his fullest without the added scrutiny placed upon the heir to the throne.

Based on the number, those polled, who were all 18 and over, feel that the stress of being king would take away Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relatability, as 72 percent would not want the couple to become King and Queen, while 61 percent believe that if they were in those roles, it would "change them too much."

Who are the two royals sandwiched in-between Meghan and Kate? Princess Beatrice is the third most relatable royal, with 15 percent of the vote, and the Duke of Edinburgh is tied with his granddaughter, also at 15 percent.

What about Queen Elizabeth? Only four percent found her relatable.

Back in November, before Meghan and Harry announced their engagement, Opinion Research conducted a poll of 2,500 U.K. adults asking them a slightly different question. Unlike the more recent poll, where adults were asked who was the most "relatable," these adults were asked who the "most popular" royal was.

Again, Prince Harry was at the top as the "most popular" royal, at 74 percent. Meanwhile, Meghan Markle received 19 percent of the vote, as "most popular" royal. According to Express, Kate Middleton was second. She received "two-thirds" of the "most popular" votes.