March 7, 2018
John David Duggar May Have A Special Lady In His Life, 'In Touch' Reports Coy Interview

John David Duggar is becoming increasingly interesting to Counting On fans. He is the twin brother of Jana Duggar, and also single. While she has gotten most of the criticism for not being married, John David is getting a lot of attention now. The last few years have been filled with Duggar weddings, and now, there is at least one more on the way.

According to In Touch Weekly, John David Duggar might be courting. He talked about his love life in a recent interview with the family, noting that viewers should "stay tuned" when asking about courting. Also, the publication noticed that Ben Seewald had a smirk on his face. Could this be a clue that Duggar is courting and just hasn't announced it yet? There is speculation that he will be asking someone soon if he hasn't already.

Both John David and Jana Duggar are now the oldest Duggar siblings to be unmarried. Neither has entered into a courtship at this point. While Jana seems to catch the brunt of the criticism, John David is now making headlines for his lack of interest in finding someone to love. With the possibility that he will be announcing a courtship on the current season of Counting On, fans are waiting patiently to see what will happen.

The Duggar family has endured plenty of ups and downs, especially in the last three years. The siblings making the headlines are the ones who get the most focus on the show as well. John David Duggar hasn't been involved in any scandals, and for the most part, he remains off of the social media radar. With many of his younger siblings married and having children, Counting On fans want to see the twins find happiness as well.

Counting On is currently airing a new season on Monday nights. It was filmed months ago, so if there are any new developments regarding the Duggar family, they will likely be announced toward the season finale. The suspense has been building for months, and now, it looks like there may be a lady in his life. If John David Duggar is courting someone, the news should be revealed in the upcoming weeks.