‘Dexter’ Revival: Michael C. Hall Doesn’t Want A Season 9, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Dexter fans have been rejoicing over all of the revival news floating around the internet. However, it seems that they may be disappointed this week after conflicting reports suggest the news of a Season 9 simply isn’t true. As many fans know, a poster for a possible Season 9 of the Showtime series began to make its way around the internet this week, exciting fans about the show returning.

According to a March 6 report by Hollywood Life, sources close to Dexter star Michael C. Hall are claiming that the actor wants nothing to do with a revival and that Season 9 will likely never happen. The insider says that Hall wants to be known for something other than playing closeted murderer Dexter Morgan on the beloved series, and considers the revival talk a “dead issue.”

The source goes on to state that Michael C. Hall “appreciates” everything that the character of Dexter did for his career and his bank account, but that he wants to “move on from that character forever.”

As many Dexter fans know, the show ended nearly five years ago in one of the most controversial and criticized series finales of all time. In the final episode, Dexter Morgan decides to give his son, Harrison, to his serial killer girlfriend, Hannah, and send them out of the country together. Dexter promises to meet up with them. Sadly, Dexter stays back with his beloved sister, Deb, who after having surgery takes a turn for the worse and dies. Dexter takes Deb off of life support and steals her body from the hospital only to dump her overboard on his boat like one of his victims. In the end, a storm rages and it is believed that Dexter Morgan has died. Later, we see Dexter living a meaningless life after faking his death, which is when the revival speculation first began.

Now, five years later, Dexter fans still want to see a Season 9 featuring Michael C. Hall. While revivals like Roseanne, Fuller House, Murphy Brown, and more are all the rage right now, things are looking good for the possibility of a Dexter return.

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