March 7, 2018
'This Is Us' Star Milo Ventimiglia Teams Up With Battery Company For Daylight Savings Time

This Is Us fans will probably never forget to change the batteries in their smoke detectors ever again, but Milo Ventimiglia is still issuing a reminder—and a brand suggestion. The actor, who plays Jack Pearson on the NBC drama, is urging fans to "change your batteries" when you "change your clocks" this weekend for Daylight Savings Time.

Milo Ventimiglia's This Is Us character learned about the importance of batteries the hard way. After repeatedly forgetting to purchase batteries for the smoke detector in his house, a 1990s-era Jack Pearson died from complications from smoke inhalation when the house caught on fire due to a faulty switch on an old slow cooker. Before he died, Jack confessed to his wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore) that she asked him to buy batteries multiple times and that he kept forgetting to do it. Indeed, in a previous This Is Us episode, the camera pulled back to reveal a smoke detector, with a dangling wire and no power attached, in the Pearson home after Rebecca asked Jack if he forgot something at the mall.

One month after his This Is Us character's house fire-related death, Milo Ventimiglia took to Twitter to announce his partnership with Duracell batteries. Milo captioned a photo of himself with a Duracell battery placed in front of him. The This Is Us star captioned the photo with: "Teamed up with @Duracell for #DuracellDaylightSaving - stay tuned for more this week. #changeyourclocks #changeyourbatteries #sponsored MV."

Duracell retweeted Milo Ventimiglia's photo with the message: "Milo gets it."

Jack's death on This Is Us has been a wakeup call for viewers and a reminder that one little misstep can change a family forever. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, This Is Us co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker pointed out that anyone could make the same mistake that the Pearsons did ahead of that fateful fire.

"It's so easy to make a simple mistake," the This Is Us producer told EW. "Of course, looking back, we all know what that leads to, but life is hectic. Sometimes you forget to get batteries."

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Milo Ventimiglia and Duracell are hoping no one will forget batteries anymore. And this is not the first time Milo has plugged a product related to his character's death on This Is Us. After a faulty slow cooker switch sparked the fire in the Pearson kitchen, the Crock-Pot brand got slammed by fans, even though the brand wasn't directly named in the episode. Milo Ventimiglia and This Is Us producers cooked up a cute campaign to clear Crock Pot's name, complete with a #CrockpotIsInnocent hashtag.

After the stock price of the famous slow cooker brand plummeted following the fire episode, the brand released information about the rigorous internal testing process for the product, including a Rotary Knob Endurance test, Rotary Knob Force Test, and Flame Burning Test, according to Deadline. In addition, Milo Ventimiglia told People that This Is Us writers were happy to help out.

"We're aware of the impact and we hope to never create pain or upset," Milo said of the Crock-Pot controversy. "Everything that we had written about that episode was slow cooker. It's always been slow cooker. It always will be a slow cooker. It's unfortunate, the assimilation to a well-known, well-loved, and even by me personally owned product by the community online."

Milo said after the backlash against the brand, he was happy to "turn the car in a different direction" with the positive promo. Now he's doing the same for a defenseless Duracell.

You can see Milo Ventimiglia defending Crock-Pot in the video below.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.