Some ‘Voice’ Viewers Are Expressing Why They’re Turning Off Because Of Kelly Clarkson

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It’s safe to say that Kelly Clarkson is seriously dividing opinion during her debut season as a coach on The Voice. As the singer continued her stint on the NBC show as Episode 3 of the Blind Audition stages aired on March 5, social media was flooded with comments about the former American Idol winner and her tendency to be a little chatty with her fellow coaches and the contestants.

A number of Twitter users were quick to comment on Kelly’s coaching style, with some even claiming that the singer’s affinity for talk could have them reaching for the remote and turning off the series if she doesn’t “tone it down.”

“#TheVoice [Kelly] needs to tone it down. Starting to think I will not watch the rest of this season if she doesn’t,” tweeted a Voice viewer who goes by the username @TomKurtz8 this week.

“@kelly_clarkson. I do adore [you]. I’ve watched The Voice since it started. Can’t watch it anymore. U talk 2 much. It’s very annoying,” @musicladyvegas then added. “Sorry @NBCTheVoice can’t watch anymore I tried I really did.”

“Man, Kelly Clarkson is annoying on #TheVoice. Tone it down lol. All the other coaches [are] like [eye roll emoji],” another said, before telling the talented singer to “be quiet already.”

Another even claimed that Clarkson’s coaching style was “Hudson all over again,” referring to Jennifer Hudson’s stint on the show last year that was largely criticized by many social media users during the Blind Audition rounds.

However, while many Voice viewers weren’t exactly kind to the star on social media, others were quick to rush to her defense amid the backlash.

“Catching up on #TheVoice & I #LOVE @kelly_clarkson! She is hilarious, relatable, & totally breathes new life into the show! Loving watching this season,” said one fan as another tweeted, “I sooo love @kelly_clarkson’s passion and energy! #TheVoice #TheVoiceS14.”

“I’m loving @kelly_clarkson’s addition to #TheVoice. Such a fun season!” @Jo_Mani then added on the 280-character site, as another even went as far as to call Clarkson their “all-time favorite” coach on the show after seeing her begin to build up her team.

Notably, it was just last week amid The Voice premiere that Kelly clapped back at a fan who tweeted that they felt she was being “annoying” and talking too much on the show after she took over her red spinning chair alongside fellow coaches Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine.

After one Twitter user made their opinion very clear after seeing her appear on the first two episodes of the new season, Clarkson responded to the criticism on March 3, “Yeah she sucks boooo” alongside a winking emoji with its tongue sticking out.

She then jokingly added after being told to “shut up” by the very vocal Voice viewer, “I’ll try and breathe between sentences but I can’t make any promises #gottabeme.”

Kelly Clarkson is turning off some 'The Voice' viewers
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Kelly’s tweet has since received more than 5,000 likes on the site.

Clarkson also previously admitted that being able to have time to talk and build a relationship with contestants is why she chose to head to The Voice over the reboot of the show she won back in 2002, American Idol.

“On Idol, you can’t really have a relationship, and I, as you can tell, love talking and having relationships,” Kelly told Variety last year, making it pretty clear that she plans to keep on talking and growing her relationship with her team this year, despite the negative comments from some.

Season 14 of The Voice airs on both Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.