‘Counting On’ Star Jessa Duggar Seewald Opens Up About Baby Henry’s Health Problems

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Jessica Duggar Seewald is getting to the bottom of what’s ailing her baby boy. On the latest episode of Counting On, Jessa revealed that her son, Henry, has a skin disease and suffers from allergic reactions. How is Jesse handling Henry’s health problems?

According to Radar Online, Jessa revealed that she started noticing problems when Henry was around three months old. The Counting On star noticed that Henry had scalp issues and thought that it might be caused by an allergy to creams and lotions.

After a lot of trials, Jessa came to the conclusion that Henry has eczema and is allergic to something in the house. Sadly, Jessa is still in the process of figuring out what is causing the flare-ups but fans can rest assured that she’s on top of things.

“Henry has some pretty bad flare ups on his head and in his neck creases and so we have to keep socks on his hands to keep him from scratching it,” Jessa explained. “I’m trying to address what’s irritating his stomach and trying to eliminate things from my diet [to] see what’s up [with his allergies]… It’s just a matter of figuring out what it is.”

Hopefully Jessa can find out what’s going and eliminate Henry’s allergies altogether. In the meantime, the 25-year-old has also been busy raising her other son, Spurgeon. Jessa recently opened up about giving Spurgeon his first haircut and why she decided to do it herself.


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During this week’s episode of Counting On, Jessa revealed that she made it a point to distract Spurgeon as much as possible before giving him a quick trim. With Spurgeon watching his favorite cartoon, Jessa’s husband held him tight while gave clipped away his curls.

While Jessa was very reluctant to cut Spurgeon’s hair, she was happy with the results and posted a before-and-after pic on social media. Based on the image, everything went pretty smooth for a first haircut.

Dealing with her children isn’t the only thing on Jessa’s plate at the moment. Jinger Duggar has always had the reputation for being the most rebellious daughter in the family, but Jessa might take the cake after this one.

Following a recent selfie with Henry, fans speculated that Jessa may have gotten lip injections. Jessa’s lips certainly look big in the photo, but she has always enjoyed fuller lips than her siblings. She hasn’t addressed the rumors yet, so it’s hard to tell whether or not she went under the knife.


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Jessa is also dealing with rumors that she’s pregnant with baby no. 3. An inside source claims that Jessa was rocking a small baby bump in a recent public outing. The source believes that Jessa is around 3-4 months into her pregnancy and not just suffering from a night of overeating.

We don’t know if the rumors are true, but it wouldn’t be that surprising if Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald add to their family soon.

New episodes of Counting On air Monday nights on TLC.