March 6, 2018
'Vikings' Season 5 Stars Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen To Reunite At Show's Royal Ontario Museum Event

The wait for Vikings Season 5B continues, especially since there has been no announcement as to when the series will return to the History Channel. Luckily, fans based in Ontario are in for a treat to make the wait more bearable. Katheryn Winnick has just confirmed that she will reunite with co-star Clive Standen for the show's special panel at the Royal Ontario Museum this week.

The idea of Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen being seen together is certainly a welcome one for fans who were shocked by the Vikings Season 5 mid-season finale. Lagertha and her forces were defeated by Ivar the Boneless and Harald Finehair in "Moments of Vision." However, it was revealed that Rollo had not only sent the Frankish reserves to Hvitserk's aid. The former Viking turned Duke of Normandy also decided to return to Kattegat as well. Could this mean that Lagertha and Rollo will finally be reunited later this year?

Katheryn Winnick recently took to her official Instagram account to invite her followers to a special panel at the Royal Ontario Museum. The actress will be joined by Clive Standen at what may be a special presentation called The World of Vikings: History on Film at the museum's ongoing Vikings: The Exhibition. Although the panel is set to discuss how Scandinavians have been portrayed in TV and film, the two are also expected to answer some interesting questions about Vikings Season 5B on March 6.

So what are the chances that Lagertha and Rollo will be reunited in the Vikings Season 5 mid-season premiere? Fans believe the Duke of Normandy will initially work with Ivar the Boneless and his allies. However, there are speculations that Rollo is more eager to speak with the Queen of Kattegat because they haven't seen each other since Ragnar Lothbrok's failed attack on Paris. In addition to that, Rollo might want to confirm whether Bjorn Ironside is truly his son and not his brother's.

Clive Standen as Rollo in Vikings Season 5

Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen will speak at The World of Vikings: History on Film at Royal Ontario Museum's Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery on March 6. Vikings: The Exhibition has been running since November last year and will end on April 2, according to The Star. Meanwhile, History has not yet announced the Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 air date.