WWE ‘Raw’ Results: Ronda Rousey Gets Her Official ‘WrestleMania 34’ Tag Team Match

During the latest WWE Raw results, fans finally learned of the official match that former mixed martial arts star Ronda Rousey will participate in for WrestleMania 34. That match will take place in just over a month from now and it will be a tag team bout. As many fans and wrestling journalists expected, it will see Rousey teaming up with a WWE Hall of Famer to battle two of the top superstars appearing on the Raw brand. Here are the latest details of what went down involving Rousey, her tag team partner, and their opponents.

On Monday, the ProWrestling reported that the Raw episode in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, featured General Manager Kurt Angle coming out to the ring to call out Triple H for last week’s sucker punch. Instead, his wife, Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, appeared. She tried to remind Kurt that he’s currently working as the GM and that pays his bills. Stephanie said that Triple H merely got even for Angle’s previous comments about them to Ronda Rousey. That brought out the former UFC women’s champion to intervene on Angle’s behalf. Rousey said she’s started to realize that the people she’s working for aren’t who she first thought they were, but that it’s okay because she’s put up with a lot during her career.

Rousey brought up that the contract she signed last week allows her to choose her opponent for WrestleMania 34. Stephanie said she was right, but the opponent must be an active member of the roster. Rousey chose Stephanie, who quickly told her she’s not an active member of the roster. All of that led to some bickering with Triple H finally coming down to the ring and saying Stephanie won’t be competing. Kurt Angle was able to flip things on them, though, when he mentioned that Stephanie has an executive contract as well as a superstar contract, which allows her to compete. Angle booked her to face Rousey.

That wasn’t the end of things, though, as Angle reminded Triple H he also has a superstar contract. Kurt asked Rousey if she wouldn’t mind him teaming up with her at Mania to take on Triple H and Stephanie. Rousey agreed to it. Stephanie went at Angle and was about to slap him but Rousey blocked her arm. Triple H stepped in and said they would leave. It was another ploy, as he tried to sucker punch Angle again. This time around, Angle was prepared and blocked it.

That led to more fighting in the ring. Angle eventually got the better of Triple H and was able to put on the Ankle Lock. Stephanie managed to pull Triple H out of the ring when he reached the ropes. However, Rousey pulled Stephanie by the hair back into the ring. From there, the newest member of the Raw roster hit a Samoan Drop on the commissioner, showing a glimpse of what’s to come at WrestleMania 34.

It certainly provided an exciting moment to not only kick off Raw, but to really get things going for Ronda Rousey on her road to WrestleMania 34. It’s going to be interesting to see how WWE handles things going forward, as far as Stephanie and Triple H trying to get some revenge on Angle and Rousey before their match.

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