Basketball Fan Lands Amazing Shot, Even If It Doesn’t Go Into The Basket [Video]

An NBA fan in Atlanta, Georgia was recently given the chance to win $1000 by sinking a basket from half-court. What happened next is quite amazing.

Kevin opted for a one-handed, over-hand shot at the net, and, as the basketball hit the back of the rim, it just stopped. The ball didn’t drop into the net or even fall to the floor; it just hung on the rim.

Eventually, the contest’s MC hopped up and pulled the net down slightly, allowing the ball to pop into the net.

The shot, which occurred during a Jazz-Hawks game, was ruled a success by the announcer, which likely means the fan received his $1000 prize.

Fans were stunned and applauded at the sight of the amazing shot, which by itself was worth the $1000 cash award.

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think: