Jennifer Lawrence Hikes Up Dress, Throws Leg Over Chair, And ‘Lets Loose’ At Oscars With Wine In Tow [Video]

There were Trump jokes, Fox News jokes, and even Christopher Plummer jokes at the Oscars last night, but the buzz this morning is about Jennifer Lawerence and her Oscar antics. Folks are hovering around the virtual watercoolers of the online world this morning talking about how entertaining Lawrence’s time in the spotlight was last night despite not being nominated for an award.

One of her antics conjuring a buzz online was when she hiked up her evening gown and threw her long, shapely leg over a chair in an attempt to climb over that seat and take a shortcut. In true Jennifer Lawrence fashion, she stole the limelight suggests Fox News, and she did so with a glass of wine in her hand.

With a wide grin and juggling that glass of wine, Lawrence would appear to make any circus performer proud. With her gown bunched up in one hand and that glass of wine in the other, she didn’t spill so much as a drop as she attempted to climb over the seat.

Social media went nuts over the 27-year-old actress’s move in a full-length gown, as seen under a Twitter search of “Jennifer Lawrence at Oscars.” According to Fox, comments appeared online like “peak Jennifer Lawrence” and “she didn’t spill a drop” from those viewers captivated by this J-Law move.

One commenter even made a vow after seeing the actress break her regal-looking form to make a shortcut over a chair.

“I vow to take on every new challenge in 2018 with the grace and poise of Jennifer Lawrence climbing over theater seats with a full glass of wine at the Oscars tonight.”

So where was Jennifer Lawrence going in such a hurry that she opted to conquer the obstacle of a chair while juggling that glass of wine? According to the Daily Mail, Jennifer was attempting to take the shortest route to her assigned seat at the Oscars. She made sure to stop and give a big hello to some of her fellow Hollywood stars along the way like Meryl Streep, Woody Harrelson, Steven Spielberg, and Christopher Plummer.

The Daily Mail describes Lawrence’s antics in their article titled, “It’s already wine time! Jennifer Lawrence charges her glass early and hurdles over seats as she lets loose at the Academy Awards.” Folks on Twitter and Facebook gave Lawrence kudos for knowing how to have a good time, which is seen in the posts throughout this article. One post suggests how “Jennifer Lawrence was once again the most relatable person at the Oscars.”

According to the Daily Mail, Lawrence recently admitted she was drunk when attending the New York premiere of Red Sparrow. They also report she was “spotted knocking back the wine at Sunday’s 90th Annual Academy Awards.”

She “hammed it up” for the cameras, “making most of the complimentary booze,” suggests the Daily Mail. When Jennifer finally landed in that seat, she was right next to Emma Stone and the two “giggled” while sharing a few private quips during the Oscars.

Despite running the obstacle course to get to her chair, the Red Sparrow star also drew attention for her elegant look for the night. The Daily Mail described Lawrence as looking “gorgeous” in her embellished gold Dior gown with spaghetti straps. Even before the Oscars were underway, Jennifer stole the show out on the red carpet. Reports indicate that she “commanded attention” with her “look at me” antics in front of the camera.

Despite not winning or even being nominated for an Oscar, it seems Jennifer Lawerence had no problem stealing the show. While she didn’t have the limelight of accepting an award on the stage, she managed to grab her own little piece of the 90th Oscar ceremony show with her antics in the audience.

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