'Roseanne' Revival's First Trailer Is Finally Here As Premiere Is Quickly Approaching

Mandy Robinson

The Roseanne revival trailer is finally here and fans can't wait for this show to return. The idea of seeing Roseanne Barr and John Goodman on television again is something the fans are really excited about and it is now just a few weeks away. E! shared that the first trailer is finally out.

This trailer aired tonight during the 90th Academy Awards. It looks like things haven't changed much for the Connor family and fans will be seeing the family that they know and love. One thing that fans noticed is that the family is back in the same iconic living room on the same couch that everyone knows and loves. The show just wouldn't be the same without it.

If you watched the original, you will remember that they ended it with Dan Conner (Goodman) having died before the last season. Now he is back alive and of course, they are going to have to talk about it. It will be interesting to see how they explain it when the show returns. They shared that they are going to talk about politics on the show. This is something a lot of sitcoms have been starting to talk about lately.

This preview starts out showing old clips from Roseanne that fans remember well. They tease that nothing has changed at all. Dan is seen wearing a mask to sleep in like he has sleep apnea as Roseanne yells at him to wake him up. She then teases that she thought he was dead, which of course, all of the viewers did as well. There is a big addition of grandchildren to the show, which is going to shake things up. Roseanne's grandson even tells her that he isn't afraid of her, to which she replies "give it time." This is one of the shows that viewers are the most excited about this year, so hopefully, it lives up to the hype.