Anna Duggar Proclaims Love For Husband Josh Duggar On Instagram

Responding to recent rumors that she plans to divorce Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar took to Instagram to proclaim her love for her husband, who has remained out of the spotlight following alleged sexual misdemeanors.

On Saturday, Josh turned 30. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar shared with fans Josh’s special day on Facebook. His wife Anna Duggar posted a video of the celebration the couple had at their home. Duggar family fans and critics offered mixed views on the post, with some lauding Anna for staying in the marriage while others criticized her for forgiving Josh.

After In Touch Weekly reported in 2015 that Josh had allegedly fondled his sisters as a teenager, TLC stopped airing 19 Kids & Counting. Josh’s name also reportedly cropped up in the list of Ashley Madison users made public by hackers. He then tendered an apology to his family and admitted being unfaithful.

Duggar family fans and critics have urged Anna to leave her husband amidst repeated reports of trouble in her household, as recently reported by In Touch Weekly. In what may be seen as a rebuke to critics who claimed Anna’s marriage is in trouble, the Duggar daughter-in-law captioned her video post in a way that indicated she does not plan to leave her husband.

“I don’t know you but I think you are such a gracious godly woman with powerful forgiveness in your heart,” wrote one person while commenting on Anna Duggar’s post.

While many of her followers supported Anna’s decision to stand by her husband, others voiced concern for her.

“Once a cheater always a cheater she’s gonna get heartbroken again just caring for the woman’s well being,” wrote one of Josh’s critics.

Josh Duggar’s appearances in the real and virtual world became highly restricted after his scandals put the Duggar family in the line of intense criticism. He was forced to enroll in a faith-based rehabilitation program for six months. It was only in early 2017, nearly two years after the scandals became public, that the Duggar family began sharing his images on social media. TLC, however, has not returned him to television. This year, Anna Duggar returned to Instagram after a two-year break.

In his birthday video, Josh is seen holding his fifth child Mason Garett Duggar, born last September. The Duggar family, including Jessa Seewald, who was among Josh’s reported victims, were present at the birthday party.