‘American Chopper’ Stars Paul Sr. And Paul Jr. Allegedly ‘Faked’ Relationship, Claims ‘Radar Online’

On March 1, Discovery aired a sneak peek of American Chopper for “Motor Mega Week.” This chronicled the incredible builds at Orange County Choppers, laced in with big hunks of the mercurial relationship between father and son.

Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. are now accused of faking their relationship for their reality show reboot, American Chopper, claims Radar Online. A “family insider” that spoke to the publication revealed that the “rivalry between father and son was always one-sided.”

Junior Vs. Senior

Does this mean that both father and son are making nice for the camera? Not exactly.

The source that spoke to Radar Online explained that while American Chopper star Paul Teutul Jr., better known as “Junior,” wants to mend fences and have a “relationship” with his dad, Paul Teutul Sr., referred to as “Senior,” he is not really interested.

“Paul Sr. hates his son. But what is sad is that Paul Jr. wants to rekindle the relationship with his dad and has said that he has never been in competition with his father.”

The List of Senior’s Money Woes

This report comes on the heels of news previously reported by the Inquisitr that Senior’s 38-acre home is currently in foreclosure and his business partner has sued him for fraud, based on reports from Page Six.

The Blast has reported that Senior’s finances are so bad that he has filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. By choosing to go this route, Paul Teutul Sr. would “reorganize and restructure their debt without risk of losing assets.” His assets include his storied business, Orange County Choppers, where American Chopper is primarily filmed.

The Radar Online source confirms that money woes and “fame” is why Senior has decided to return to the Discovery show and feign repairing a relationship with his son in order to get his financial house back in order.

“Paul Sr. is broke. His house is in foreclosure, he has multiple lawsuits against him. He had to do something for money. So, he filmed with Paul Jr. just for the show. There is nothing real about their relationship. He did it all for money and fame.”

What Does Junior Think Of Senior?

According to the “family insider” that Radar Online spoke with, Paul Jr. is concerned about his father’s mental health.

“He has told other family members that his dad has serious mental issues and he wished he would get help.”

Yet on Twitter, his caption clearly shows an affection for the man he was named after. Paul Jr. recently posted a photo of father and son from the set of American Chopper.

“Great to be spending a little bit more time with my father. Here’s me and him with our first theme bike ever. #AmericanChopper #fromtheset”

In the Discovery preview of American Chopper, Junior talks about his relationship with his father, “My dad and I are working on being friends again.”

Junior Thanks Senior For Firing Him

Writing an opinion piece for Fox News regarding his new book, The Build: Designing My Life Of Choppers, Family, and Faith, Paul Jr. thanks his father for being instrumental in finding a career he loves, and even for firing him, and by this, “doing him a favor.”

The American Chopper star lays it on the line as he expresses his love for his father.

“I love my father. I always have. The business risks he took created the path for me to discover my God-given gift of custom-building cool motorcycles. I owe much of my success to that opportunity he gave me before the world discovered Orange County Choppers – and, without doubt, his firing me.”

The ‘Adversity’ Of Junior-Senior Relationship

In the book, Paulie explains that his relationship with his father has always been strained.

“When I reflect back over my life, I cannot say that my father and I have ever had a good relationship.”

Yet, in his biography, Junior explains that it was after American Chopper that his father became a “monster.” It appears that fame was the booby prize.

“I think my father became somewhat of a monster because of the show; he took on the persona of ‘Senior’ after we became big.”

‘American Chopper’ Returns May 28 To Discovery

Fans will just have to wait a couple of months to determine for themselves. After five years, fans should be pleased that the new season of American Chopper will officially return on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. This will be starring Senior, from Orange County Choppers, Junior, of Paul Jr. Designs, as well as the usual cast of American Chopper characters and stories.