Trump’s Tweet From Billy Graham’s Funeral Raises Eyebrows And Many Questions

It seems Donald Trump’s tweet from Billy Graham’s funeral has rattled some folks due to the pictures and the presentation of his condolence for the deceased spiritual leader. Why did Trump use the technique of all capital letters to “yell” the words “rest in peace” as a condolence aimed at Billy Graham? This is what one Twitter user asked via Trump’s Twitter page where the President did this in a tweet.

Another Twitter user reprimanded Trump for his tweet and demeanor while at Billy Graham’s funeral. Still, others saw fault in Trump’s tweeted pictures from a somber event with him and Melania smiling as “if they were at a carnival.” This is what all the scuttlebutt is about today.

When you first take a look at Donald Trump’s tweet, which is honoring the memory of Billy Graham, it looks rather generic and very similar to the words others have posted about the passing of the world-famous spiritual leader. But those who are up on the protocol of Internet messaging saw Trump as “yelling” his words at Billy Graham.

Trump wrote “REST IN PEACE BILLY GRAHAM!” and folks on social media wanted to know why Trump was shouting. “How can he rest in peace with you shouting at him,” said one Twitter user. It is not known if Trump was aware of the connotation behind all capital letters in a tweet. Then, when he followed this message with an exclamation mark, it really put a twist on a seemingly generic “rest in peace.” This condolence now took on a slightly loud tone online for some folks.

Why did Trump post an exclamation mark at the end of his condolences for Billy Graham? noted that Billy Graham was a Democrat. They also suggest that they doubt Trump meant this to be that deep of a move on his part.

On Friday, Donald and Melania Trump made their way to Billy Grahams’ funeral services. Trump was the only one out of all the living presidents to attend this funeral. The President wasn’t tapped to give a dedication to Billy Graham, but he did post a tweet remembering the late Billy Graham.

Some of the comments that were posted seemed to be in favor of Trump’s tweet as well as expressing happiness with the President’s attendance at Graham’s services. Some folks thanked him for going to the funeral services, and others are giving Trump kudos while pointing out that he was the only president to attend. There were no “Obamas, no Clintons, no Bushes, no Reverend Jackson or Al Sharpton,” said one tweet.

Some were not thrilled with the President tweeting pictures of himself standing near the casket of Billy Graham, as the tweet below seems to indicate. Trump’s RIP tweet included four pictures from the funeral and in one, he is standing with his hand on Billy Graham’s casket.

According to Someecards, “others were baffled by the way in which Trump and Melania are smiling like they’re at a carnival while surrounded by somber mourners.” This is referring to another one of the four pictures Trump posted with his tweet.

Then there were those who chimed in about the way Trump presented his RIP tweet for Graham with the words all in capital letters as if he were “shouting.” Some of those tweets can be seen below.

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