Serena Williams And Alexis Ohanian Are Seriously Obsessed With Baby Olympia And Each Other

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Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are new parents as well as newly married couple and they can’t seem to tone down their enthusiasm for their new lives. As the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian is a master of using social media to express his love for his wife and baby. Serena Williams, who is not just one of the greatest tennis player but also a Twitter and Instagram maven, also has been sharing about every important part of her motherhood and daughter.

Ever since Serena and Alexis announced their pregnancy, it has been a non-stop parade of updates for the couple. With the 36-year-old tennis player winning 2017 Australian Open while she was eight weeks pregnant, giving birth to her daughter in September, and having a lavish wedding in New Orleans, there only has been one good news after another to post on their heavily followed Instagram and Twitter.

The couple even started baby Olympia’s own Instagram account right after her birth, making sure that she gets a headstart on amassing followers. Despite the fact that Alexis Olympia Ohanian is just 6 months old, she already has 32 posts and almost 280,000 followers.

So it was a shock to many fans when Olympia’s dad, a 34-year-old Silicon Valley figure, took it to the next level when he went offline to show his love for his wife.

The word on the street is that he bought the space on four billboards on California’s I-10 freeway outside of Palm Springs to write this completely millennial and utterly adorable message to the mother of his baby. While some thought that this was a romantic gesture, others expressed that it was a little over the top.

Women interviewed by New York Magazine said that if their partners did this for them, they would be “horribly embarrassed,” “extremely angry,” and that they “would hate it.

“It’s like the extreme version of getting them to sing to you at a restaurant on your birthday,” the magazine editor noted. “Which I would also hate.”

But Serena was completely smitten by the unnecessary but impressive billboards erected in her honor.

Right now, the 36-year-old is busy making a comeback in the world of tennis and also juggling being there for her baby. With the help of her family, husband, and hired help, she has been able to balance the two roles in her life.

It also helps that Alexis spends a lot of time with his daughter.

My daddy is always making a funny face. @alexisohanian

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She is set to appear on the court for the Desert Smash in Palm Springs, FL.