Former ‘Scandal’ Star Columbus Short Sentenced To A Year In Jail For Domestic Assault

Arnold TurnerAP Images

Columbus Short, one of the original stars of the hit series Scandal is once again in the same trouble that got him fired from the Shonda Rhimes series in the first place. Short played Harrison Wright in Scandal until 2014 when he was dismissed after being charged with domestic violence against then-wife Tanee McCall and another unrelated assault case against a man in a bar.

Former Scandal Star Columbus Short Who Played Harrison Wright Is Headed To Jail

Columbus Short admitted he was suffering from substance abuse, including alcohol and cocaine which led to his departure from Scandal, but that he was getting help and was on the road to recovery.

But TMZ is reporting that former Scandal star Columbus Short is finding himself back in the same kind of trouble that he was in back in 2014. Short recently got married again to Aida Abramyan and hit her during an argument back in November. But Short was already on probation for the bar fight, and the time when he put a knife to his former wife’s throat, so instead of probation, Columbus Short is going to spend several months to a year in jail for his latest assault.

The judge said that he is sentencing former Scandal star Columbus Short to a year behind bars for violating probation by hitting his most recent wife.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that this isn’t the first time former Scandal star Columbus Short has violated his probation from knocking a man unconscious in a bar and holding a knife to the throat of his former wife. Columbus Short was to stay away from drugs and alcohol and keep his hands to himself.

Former Scandal Star Short Violated Probation By Hitting His Latest Wife

Back in April of 2016, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Leslie E. Brown received details about a failed drug test from ex Scandal star Short. Columbus Short has tested positive for cocaine and marijuana more than once, which violated his probation. The probation officer for former Scandal star Columbus Short reiterated that Short needed to stay clean as part of his probation.

“For the well being and safety of the defendant and for the safety of the community, a drug and alcohol treatment program would assist the defendant with his substance abuse issues.”

This Is The Second Time The Former Scandal Star Has Violated His Initial Probation

Despite his termination from Scandal and his probation for the bar fight and domestic violence, Columbus Short continued to be hired and work in the entertainment industry. Short’s lawyer Ludlow B. Creary II explained that Columbus Short had completed anger management and counseling, but made no mention of drug rehab.

“It’s our belief that Mr. Short is going to continue to make progress.”

But after Short’s hearing for failing his drug tests, the judge ordered him to a six-month live-in drug program for his cocaine and alcohol use. The judge gave him a six-day credit for having spent nearly a week in jail.