‘Outlander’ Is Offering Fans A Chance To Appear In Season 4 With Sam Heughan And Caitriona Balfe

Production for Season 4 of Outlander is in full swing, and a few lucky fans might get the chance to join in on the fun. Better yet, those selected to appear on the show will get a free plane trip to Scotland, not to mention the chance of meeting Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.

According to The Scottish Sun, a talent agency based in Canada just sent out a casting call for extras to appear on Outlander’s upcoming season. Lisa Parasyn Casting released a memo seeking volunteers for scenes inside an 18th-century native community.

The call is specifically looking for young and old native men, women and children. Those who meet the cut will get an all-expenses-paid trip to Scotland this May, where they will remain in the country for up to 4 weeks.

“Although roles will be non-speaking, they are an integral part of the story being told. Production will pay for the cost of all flights and hotels while performers are in Scotland. In addition, performers will be paid a weekly fee for their work.”

In addition to the exciting casting call, Outlander author Diana Gabaldon recently teased a major reunion spoiler for Season 4. Over the weekend, Gabaldon told her Twitter followers that Jamie (Heughan) and Claire (Balfe) would meet up with their daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), this season.

The reunion is a big part of the fourth book in Gabaldon’s series, Drums of Autumn, and it marks the first time Jamie will meet his daughter in the flesh.

The reunion is not a surprise to fans who have read the books, but it will still be interesting to see how the series handles the emotional scene. In fact, fans couldn’t hold back their excitement after Gabaldon dropped the bombshell news, with many saying they couldn’t wait to watch it unfold on the small screens.

Balfe, meanwhile, has been dropping a few spoilers of her own. During a recent appearance on RTE’s The Late Late Show, the actress opened up about all those hot and heavy scenes with Heughan.

Although the show has gained quite the reputation for Sam and Claire’s sexual prowess, Balfe is grateful that the series uses sex as a means to further the story instead of using it for shock value.

Balfe also revealed that fans could expect to watch Jamie and Claire’s relationship develop even further in the upcoming season. We last saw the couple after they washed up on a beach in the New World. Season 4 will follow the two as they establish new lives in the American Colonies and, naturally, face a whole new set of challenges.

Starz has not announced an official premiere date for Season 4 of Outlander, but the series is expected to return to the network later in 2018. And it sounds like it’ll be well worth the wait!


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