Carrie Underwood Slams Mike Fisher Divorce Rumors Once Again

Carrie Underwood is once again shutting down the false divorce rumors that began swirling around herself and husband Mike Fisher last month. The star made it pretty clear that she and the hockey star are very happy right now as she joked in a new message that her husband of seven years was “hawt” and that she wants to marry him all over again.

Once again putting an end to all the recent speculation claiming the couple – who are parents to 3-year-old son Isaiah – may be calling time on their marriage after seven years, Carrie made it very clear on Twitter this week that she and her man are most definitely not on the brink of a split.

Underwood shared her love and support for her man on the social media site on March 2 as Fisher returned to the ice to play in the Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks game in Canada, where Mike is from.

As Mike returned to the team and his home country for his first big game since ending his retirement in February (he initially retired last year), he managed to score for the Predators – which inspired a sweet response from his wife.

Responding to a GIF by the Predator’s official account confirming his goal, Carrie tweeted, “Hawt… I’d marry him!”

The tweet inspired some happy and jokey responses from her fans.

“Sorry I think he’s already a taken man….” one fan joked of the athlete with a winking emoji, while another teased, “He’s already married to a really good country singer…”

“I think she’s hitting on you, @mikefisher1212!” another joked to Carrie’s husband on the social media site, while a fourth wrote this week, “Sorrryyy – heard he’s spoken for already & she’s a total babe.”

Underwood’s hilarious response to her husband’s goal came shortly after the star also celebrated the NHL star in her new music video for her track “The Champion” featuring Ludacris, which features snippets of the hockey player’s various successes with the Nashville Predators.

Mike himself put an end to the recent divorce rumors as he admitted that they had actually “never been better,” shortly before the duo celebrated their son’s third birthday earlier this week.

Fisher made the confession when replying to a fan who questioned his and Underwood’s seven-year marriage on Instagram, even telling the duo to hang in when it comes to their relationship amid much speculation that they could potentially be heading for a split.

After Fisher posted a bible verse to Instagram which had some fans assuming he and Underwood were about to split, one fan told the athlete in the comments, “Praying for you and Carrie. Ignore the media! Hold tight to each other. There are always bumps in the road. Keep focusing on Jesus! He will guide you thru!”

Carrie Underwood blasts Mike Fisher divorce speculation

That’s when Carrie’s man made it very clear that she and the country star were most definitely not about to split.

“That’s not media,” Underwood’s husband hit back after reading the comment on his Instagram upload. “We’ve never been better. Thanks.”

Prior to Mike’s direct response on social media, Gossip Cop shut down the divorce allegations as being “entirely untrue” and E! News called the claims “bogus.”