‘Fuller House’s’ Candace Cameron Bure Responds To Kristen Bell’s Dismissal Of Prayer

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Chairman and CEO Edward Stack garnered a lot of praise when he announced the company’s decision to no longer sell assault-style rifles and to raise the age of gun purchases to 21, in the wake of the shooting tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Celebrities calling for gun control took to social media to express their approval and gratitude to the company.

Kristen Bell was one of those celebrities. The Frozen actress reposted Dick’s Sporting Goods’ official statement to her 5.6 million followers on Instagram and gave the company kudos for its “common sense, humanity, open ears, and willingness to change,” but first, she wrote that the company was setting an example of “something better than thoughts and prayers.” Bell’s comments didn’t sit too well with Fuller House star’s Candace Cameron Bure, who is an outspoken Christian, frequently discussing her faith on her own social media. So the mother-of-three added a comment to Bell’s post, suggesting that the Veronica Mars‘ star not diminish prayers.

Bure suggested that Bell recaption her post to say “in addition to prayers here is something really great.” Bure’s comment earned a lot of approval from Bell’s followers, who liked it over 8,000 times, but there was just as much disapproval from those who stood behind Bell all the way. In addition, Bure’s comment has stirred up a heated conversation about guns and religion on Bell’s post.

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Bure would speak up about something so near and dear to her heart. As someone who believes in the power of prayer, which Bure mentioned in her comment, she posts often to her 2.9 million followers on Instagram about the goodness of God. Recently, she spoke out when The View‘s Joy Behar said that when Jesus talks to a person, it’s called mental illness. Bure called Behar’s comment both tone deaf and ignorant, but said Behar couldn’t be blamed.

“It was a tone deaf comment, also an ignorant one, but you can’t blame her. [For] someone who has no concept of the holy spirit, I think that that is a logical response to them.”

No doubt this won’t be the last time Bure speaks up when someone is critical of prayer and/or God. So far, though, Bell has not responded to Bure’s suggestion.