Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Who Is A Better Kisser Between Liam Hemsworth And Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Lawrence has been able to work with a number of Hollywood’s hottest leading men. In the past she has been paired up with the likes of Chris Pratt, Liam Hemsworth, Javier Bardem, and Bradley Cooper, to name a few. With Lawrence making the rounds to promote her latest movie, Red Sparrow, it makes sense that the actress would make a stop on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It was during her visit with the talk show host, that she was asked about who she felt was a better kisser between two of her former co-stars, Hemsworth and Cooper.

As Us Weekly reports, Jennifer Lawrence has certainly had plenty of opportunities to lock lips with Bradley Cooper, since they have been in four movies together, as well as Liam Hemsworth, who she got to kiss during her time on the Hunger Games series. With so many chances to kiss either one of her co-stars, it makes sense that Lawrence would have an opinion on which actor was a better kisser.

As part of a game segment called, “Jennifer’s Law,” which included both the host and actress partaking in rum that was supplied, DeGeneres asked the actress a series of questions in which she had to pick one thing over another. During the game, Ellen DeGeneres took the time to ask Lawrence which of the two men was a better kisser, and instead of pleading the fifth or playing off the question, the actress was able to smile and answer the question.

It turns out that Jennifer Lawrence feels that Bradley Cooper is the better kisser between her two co-stars. Considering Lawrence and Cooper have starred in four movies together, American Hustle, Joy, Silver Linings Playbook, and Serena, and kissed each other in two of those films, it makes sense that she would have a preference between the two men.

However, while Jennifer Lawrence may have only kissed Bradley Cooper because of their roles, it seems that when it comes to Liam Hemsworth, she actually kissed the actor even when there were no cameras around. The actress admitted in a past interview, that since they basically grew up together and he is “real hot,” that it should not be much of a surprise to learn that they kissed off set as well.

No matter why Jennifer Lawrence chose Bradley Cooper over Liam Hemsworth as the better kisser, it is unlikely that Hemsworth is going to be too upset to not be considered the better man since he is already engaged to Miley Cyrus.

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