Kim Kardashian Reportedly So Jealous Of Kylie Jenner That She Trolls On Instagram, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

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Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner should be closer than ever now that both Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) sisters have new babies in their mansions. But rumors are soaring that Kim is actually jealous of Kylie for multiple reasons, from Jenner’s stunningly fast post-baby weight loss to her shockingly expensive push present. As a result of the alleged sibling rivalry, Kardashian is getting accused of trolling Kylie on Instagram.

One insider told Hollywood Life that Kim is especially envious of Kylie’s shockingly rapid weight loss after giving birth to her first baby. While Kardashian took months to shed her own post-pregnancy pounds, turning to both a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet and a trainer, as the Inquisitr reported, Kylie seemingly shed all her baby weight in just a few weeks. The source described Kim’s alleged reaction.

“Kim’s jealous that Kylie’s got it so easy. Losing the baby weight was hell for Kim but the weight is melting off for Kylie and she doesn’t even have to try.”

Kardashian has been candid about her struggles during her pregnancies, as well as her battle to lose weight. Kim recently welcomed her new baby, Chicago, via surrogate. But Kardashian’s happiness about the newest member of her family hasn’t halted her jealousy of Kylie Jenner, according to the insider.

Kim Kardashian reportedly envies Kylie Jenner so much that she trolled her on Instagram.
Kim Kardashian reportedly envies Kylie Jenner so much that she trolled her on Instagram.Featured image credit: John PalmerMediaPunch/IPX/AP Images

Kylie Jenner Thinks Kim Kardashian Is Jealous

Although rumors that Kylie is dieting and exercising are swirling, the source told Hollywood Life that Jenner doesn’t even have to diet or exercise.

“Kylie is not on any sort of diet, people just assume she is because she’s dropped the weight so fast. But she’s not dieting or working out; her big weight loss secret is breastfeeding and good genetics.”

Jenner has a good metabolism, according to the insider, who also revealed that Kylie is “so relieved” that she has restored her pre-baby body so “naturally.” But the lack of effort required by Jenner allegedly has made Kardashian especially envious. And the push present that Kylie just received apparently added to Kim’s reasons for envying her sister.

Although Jenner’s entire family allegedly slammed the $1.4 million Ferrari that Kylie’s baby daddy, Travis Scott, gave her as a push present, Kylie reportedly believes that Kim is the most jealous.

Kylie Jenner Loves Her New Ferrari Despite Kim Kardashian’s Envy

Jenner reportedly is annoyed by Kardashian’s jealousy, according to Hollywood Life.

“Kylie is super annoyed that her family is being negative about her new car. She’s convinced Kim is just jealous because this is better than anything Kanye’s ever given her.”

And despite the negative reaction from her family, especially Kim, Jenner “could not love this car more,” added the insider. Kylie allegedly is even plotting a nude photo shoot on top of her car after she has lost more weight.

Kim Kardashian Accused Of Taking Jealousy To Feud Level By Trolling Kylie Jenner

While thus far the rumors that Kim is jealous of Kylie have not been confirmed, Hollywood Life alleged that Kardashian just went public with the sibling rivalry by trolling Jenner on Instagram.

“Kim proved she’s green with envy after posting a pic of an exotic car to her Instagram,” reported Hollywood Life.

“[Kim Kardashian is] hinting at the fact that Kylie was gifted a $1.4 million Ferrari.”

However, despite the accusation that Kim’s car photo and caption about desiring her own pricey car is intended as trolling Jenner, Kardashian could also be dropping hints for Kanye West, pointed out Hollywood Life. Kim’s Instagram post could be translated as “where’s my expensive car” because she just welcomed Chicago West into the family. Does Kardashian deserve a push present of her own from Kanye?