‘Top Chef: Colorado’ Recap: Episode 13 — ‘A Little Place Called Aspen’

The chefs on Top Chef: Colorado made their way to Aspen tonight, as they were doing some fishing to get the catch of the day, which they happened to cook up for the challenge. It was a fight for a spot in the Top Chef Season 15 finale, but who got eliminated on Top Chef: Colorado tonight? Find out the Episode 13 results from tonight below in our Top Chef spoilers.

Last week on Top Chef Season 15, the night kicked off with the Quickfire Challenge and the chefs had to cook Rocky Mountain oysters two different ways. Joe won and got an extra 30 minutes of prep time during the Elimination Challenge. For that challenge, the chefs were surprised by their loved ones and had to create an innovative dish using their family member’s dish as inspiration. The judges loved all of the dishes, but it was Carrie eliminated in the end.

Quickfire Challenge

The chefs headed out to the wilderness to meet Padma Lakshmi, who was with guest judge Chris Cosentino. For this challenge, they will have 40 minutes to catch a trout in the river and create their best trout dish. They had a pantry to use for other ingredients, which included canned fish in case they couldn’t catch one.

Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Episode 13 Recap 2


All of the chefs caught a fish, but Adrienne did take a while to do it. The judges tasted all of the dishes and the winner tonight was Jospeh. For winning, he won an advantage in the next Elimination Challenge.

Elimination Challenge

For this challenge, the chefs had to host their own event for the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. They would be serving their dishes to 200 guests, including some of the best chefs in the world. Padma put a twist on the dish, as they would not be using a protein. They had to create a vegetarian dish with the use of a cauldron to cook. They got to use a sous chef on this one, as Joseph picked Carrie. For winning, he got to pick the other pairings. He put Adrienne and Bruce together and Joe and Chris.


After putting their dishes together, the diners arrived and it was time to start serving! There were a lot of people in attendance, and the pressure was on with this crowd.

  • Joe – Tom said there is good acid to the dish. Gail Simmons said it does not eat cohesively. They were not happy with the toast and it did nothing for the dish.
  • Adrienne – They liked the coconut. They thought it was beautifully seasoned, but Gail wanted her to go bolder with the char.
  • Joseph – Padma said this was the first time she is getting smoke. Tom wanted him to use bigger zucchini. They said he gave them a strong dish.
Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Episode 13 Recap 3

Judges’ Table

The chefs returned in front of the judges on Top Chef: Colorado. Tom said they missed the opportunity and forgot what they were cooking on. After discussing the dishes a little more, the judges made their final decision. The two chefs that moved on to the finale next week were Joseph Flamm and Adrienne Cheatham, which meant that Joe Sasto was eliminated tonight.

Top Chef: Colorado airs on Wednesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.