Scheana Marie Addressing Body-Shaming Comments: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Was A Victim Herself

Scheana Marie has often seen herself as a victim regarding the things that have played out on Vanderpump Rules over the years. She was devastated when she got divorced from her husband, Mike Shay, but she felt that he had lied to her about his drug issues and his spending. She felt she was the victim, as she hinted she couldn’t have done anything to help the situation. In her relationship with Robert Valletta, she did everything possible to make sure he knew she loved him. Marie also felt that her co-stars would say things about her body a few years ago, as she had lost weight. Back then, she got angry when people brought up her body shape in conversation. On this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Marie was caught making comments about Jax Taylor’s body and fans were quick to point out her comments.

It sounds like Scheana is now facing accusations of body-shaming her Vanderpump Rules co-star and she’s now apologizing for her comments. According to a new tweet, Scheana Marie is now revealing that it wasn’t right for her to say these things about her co-star, as it wasn’t nice of her. But in her apology, Marie revealed that he had also said things about her so now they were even. This comment resulted in some of her followers pointing out that her tweet wasn’t an apology.

“In regards to last nights #PumpRules episode, Jax Taylor I def shouldn’t have made any comments re: your body. We’ve done it to each other now but I apologize if you were hurt by it. Come to think of it actually, I probably shouldn’t have said a lot of things… LOL,” Scheana Marie revealed on Twitter, to which one person wrote, “I apologize if you were hurt” isn’t an apology. “‘I’m sorry I said hurtful things’ is an apology. The two aren’t the same thing.”

Last year, Scheana Marie revealed that she had lost weight after many people questioned why she was so skinny. Of course, Scheana was going through a divorce at the time and she was clearly stressed out. There were also rumors that she was taking pills, but Scheana denied she was doing anything drastic to lose weight. When she was thin, her Vanderpump Rules co-stars would say things about her body and she called them body-shamers. It’s interesting that she’s now making comments about Jax’s body given everything she’s been through herself.

Scheana Marie is currently focusing on growing her career, including doing a show in Las Vegas. Despite being in a relationship with Robert Valletta on Vanderpump Rules, they are currently not together.