‘Melania, We Are All Rooting For You’: Tweet Gains 344K Twitter Likes And Plenty Of Controversy

First Lady Melania Trump was photographed at a ceremony for the late Reverend Billy Graham on Wednesday, February 28. However, a viral tweet about Melania has some Twitter users accusing the person who tweeted the information of encouraging Melania to commit murder. As seen below, the tweet referenced the fact that Melania has admitted that Shonda Rhimes’ How to Get Away with Murder is one of her favorite TV shows, as reported by the Independent.

The controversial tweet retweeted that specific article and added the words, “Melania, we are all rooting for you.”

Whereas the tweet — which has received more than 344,000 likes and more than 84,000 retweets on Twitter in the seven days since it was published late Friday night on February 23 — received loads of positive responses from certain Twitter users, others aren’t finding the tweet funny. The implication is that the first lady of the U.S. being a big fan of the ABC drama How to Get Away with Murder means that she could be considering committing her own crime — at least to Twitter users who are publishing replies like the following.

“Nope, not all of us. Joking/not joking about murdering the president isn’t funny, especially in light of the attacks by Bernie Bros on Conservatives who simply want less government.”

Whereas some people are viewing the notion as a funny joke that Melania’s favorite TV show would be How to Get Away With Murder — they are leaving tons of GIFs and memes showing humorous responses — there are Twitter replies like the above that are also gaining traction.

Some replies to the controversial tweet are asking the original poster if the FBI has paid him a visit yet, while others quip, “Not that I condone murder…”

Plenty of “LMAO” and similar quips have flowed into the tweet’s reply section, with certain replies congratulating him on his viral tweet. The line between joking and serious threats is being disseminated as the tweet grows more popular and keeps gaining retweets.

According to the New York Times, Melania doesn’t just enjoy How to Get Away With Murder, which is a drama that features at its center an attorney who teaches her students the ins and outs of covering up murder — with her own share of murderous drama. Melania also admitted to liking the Fox drama Empire.

However, most folks have seized on Melania’s love of How to Get Away with Murder and have made the leap to relate that title to her husband. Melania didn’t mention watching reality TV shows.