Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx’s Agreement To Not Talk Publicly About Romance, According To ‘the Daily Mail’

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Katie Holmes has reportedly been keeping an extra low profile as of late, following a newsworthy moment when her alleged boyfriend, Jamie Foxx, walked out of an ESPN interview after he was questioned about his relationship with the Dawson’s Creek star.

During the chat, Foxx was asked, “Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine’s Day? Like a real loving basketball game?” Which was the query that promoted Jamie to walk out.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are rumored to have begun dating as far back as 2013, just after Holmes divorced former action star hubby, Tom Cruise. The couple has been extremely crafty when it comes to evading the press, over the years and have even gone so far as to leave events separately and don disguises.

As of late, however, it seems Foxx and Holmes have been a bit more liberal in action with their romance, as they have been spotted holding hands in public and jetting off on romantic getaways. The two have attended the same events more frequently recently, as well. Despite clearly being together, the couple has apparently come to an agreement that they will not talk to the press about one another, as an insider shares with Perez Hilton.

The source alleges, “Katie and Jamie have an agreement that they’ll never talk about their relationship or each other in the press … She felt he was respecting their agreement,” when Foxx walked out of the said interview.

Despite having not being spotted in public together since Valentine’s Day, when the two were seen outside a gym in Los Angeles, The Daily Mail shares that “the couple are together every single day,” when they are able, according to an insider. However, the last sighting of Jamie was in Los Angeles for Floyd Mayweather’s 41st birthday, while Katie was in spotted in New York City.

As for the reasons that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have resorted to keeping their romance relatively under wraps for so long, and even still continue to do so, it’s not too far of a stretch to explain this by focusing on the non-stop media circus that surrounded Holmes during her high-profile marriage to Tom Cruise. Following their split, Katie and their daughter, Suri Cruise, were constantly a target for the press due to the nature of the separation and the involvement Tom has in the controversial faith of Scientology.

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There was also an alleged contract in place once Tom and Katie divorced that stated Holmes was unable to date publicly for five years. This certainly explains why lately Katie and Jamie have been a touch more relaxed and public than in previous years, despite not verbally confirming their relationship.