Jennifer Aniston’s Family Shocks In Bombshell Interview About Brad Pitt, Justin Theroux With ‘Radar Online’

Jennifer Aniston’s relatives aren’t holding back when it comes to revealing what they really think of her first husband, Brad Pitt, and second husband, Justin Theroux. Jen’s family members shared whether they preferred Brad Pitt or Justin and dropped more than one bombshell about Jennifer Aniston’s romantic past in a shocking interview with Radar Online.

“On the heels of her split from Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston’s family is now admitting they preferred the actress with her ex, Brad Pitt.”

Talking with the publication, one of Jennifer’s cousins declared that he wasn’t much of a fan when he thought about Justin Theroux. In fact, the relative, Markos Papasifakis, confessed that he felt as if he never really became acquainted with Justin.

Although Markos never met Theroux, he had heard from another relative that the actor was “all right.” In contrast, Aniston’s cousin was enthusiastic in praising Brad Pitt and Pitt’s family, all of whom he met at Jennifer’s wedding. The Greek native described Brad as a “very nice” man with an equally praise-worthy family.

Jennifer Aniston’s Relative Recalls Her Beautiful Wedding To Brad Pitt

Looking back to Jennifer’s and Brad’s wedding day in 2000, Papasifakis revealed that Aniston made it extra-special by inviting all of her overseas relatives to the ceremony.

Jennifer Aniston's family fondly recalls her wedding to Brad Pitt.

Markos admitted that the fairy-tale wedding day of Pitt and Aniston was a dramatic contrast to the day on which she tied the knot with Justin Theroux.

“Jennifer Aniston invited her family – all the way from overseas – to her fairy-tale wedding to Pitt in 2000. The family, however, was shocked when they learned Aniston tied the knot years later to Theroux in secret in 2015.”

Markos described Aniston’s and Pitt’s wedding day as “rocking,” praising the nuptials as “quite the party!” But when it came to the question of whether he thinks all those rumors about Jennifer and Brad rekindling their romance are real, Aniston’s cousin just laughed.

Will Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Renew Their Wedding Vows? Brad Pitt’s Mom Votes Yes

Reflecting on how Jennifer’s marriages to both Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux failed, Aniston’s cousin expressed doubt that Aniston and Pitt should go for round two of their wedding day.

“Hollywood and showbiz in general is not the most conducive to long-term relationships.”

However, while Jennifer’s family isn’t enthusiastic about the idea that she could marry Brad again, Pitt’s family is delighted at the concept, an insider told Radar Online. In particular, Brad’s mother Jane is thrilled at the possibility of having her famous son and Jennifer Aniston tie the knot again. The source revealed that Pitt’s mother has been dreaming of Jennifer and Brad renewing their vows for many years.

As for Jennifer, Aniston’s relative said he is hoping for something other than a third attempt at marriage. But Papasifakis is a believer in Jennifer’s strength after the failure of her marriage to Brad, followed by the collapse of her relationship with Justin. Aniston’s cousin thinks that the actress can recover from a second experience with the heartbreak of a failed marriage, he told the publication.

“I am sure she will be fine. She is a tough cookie,” said Jennifer’s relative.