‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Fredrik Eklund Calls Parenthood A Rollercoaster Of Love

Fredrik Eklund became a father back in November when his twins were born via a surrogate. He has kept the story about his surrogate separate from his reality television career, but it is hard for him to contain his excitement as fans are seeing on Bethenny & Fredrik. On this new show about flipping properties in New York, Fredrik called her surrogate, who showed him her belly. It was clear that he was super excited about becoming a father, but it’s not certain how much the twins will appear on Million Dollar Listing New York. The twins are a few months old now, and Fredrik is reflecting on the last couple of weeks. As it turns out, he feels the entire journey has been a rollercoaster.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund revealed that parenthood has been a rollercoaster of love. One can imagine they have had their ups and downs as new parents, just like everyone else. Maybe it’s stressful when they cry at night or when Fredrik is alone with them. He currently took some time off to bond with the babies in their Connecticut home. Perhaps he’s taking an extended leave to be a hands-on father.

Fredrik Eklund didn’t go into detail as to what he meant by a rollercoaster of love, but one can imagine he doesn’t want to sugarcoat things. He’s being honest that things can be rough as new parents, as he highlights both the positive and the negatives. Perhaps he’s not allowed to talk about what he means, as he is under Bravo contract. It’s possible that he’s not allowed to speak out about the twins because they are being featured on the upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing New York. Maybe the rollercoaster he’s referring to will also be featured on the show, as he tries to balance parenthood with being a hands-on father for his kids.

Fredrik Eklund is currently gearing up for the next season of Million Dollar Listing New York. The show is expected to return this spring with Steve Gold and Ryan Serhant. In addition to the show, Eklund is also writing another book.

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