Jinger Dugger Vuolo Wears Her Most Daring Outfit To Date: A Mini-Skirt On ‘Counting On’

Jinger Duggar Vuolo, the sixth Duggar child, wowed fans on Monday night when she wore a mini-skirt to play tennis with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. The pair discussed how they have bonded over fitness, which at one point, was Jeremy’s profession as an athlete. The pair stated they were trying tennis together as a way to learn something new, and fans were shocked to see her wear a short tennis skirt.

The now-pregnant Duggar daughter has been deflecting from Duggar tradition for quite a while now, and fans have continually be watching her as she moves more and more into mainstream dress. Jinger Duggar Vuolo grew up in a very strict Christian household in which wearing pants was forbidden for the girls, and skirts had to be below the knee. Since marrying her husband, however, she has had more control over her wardrobe and has constantly been shaking things up with pants, long shorts, skirts above the knee, high heels and sleeveless outfits.

She donned her most daring wardrobe choice yet on the tennis court with husband, Jeremy, this time wearing a skirt a couple of inches above her knee. Although it’s not very daring for most people, for the Duggar set, it is pushing the envelope.

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Jinger Duggar Vuolo has also been counted amongst the most rebellious of the Duggar girls because she has thus far been the only Duggar not to announce a pregnancy within three months of tying the knot. It has been speculated that she and her husband may have been using birth control in order to enjoy their time together before they started a family. The pair recently announced they are expecting a baby this summer, making the announcement soon after the new year. The pair have not announced if they will be having a boy or a girl, but have been updating fans on the progress of the baby.

Although the pair appear more liberal than Jinger’s strict family, Jeremy has been criticized for his sermons at Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, which have called out Catholics and the LGBTQ community as being sinful.