‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Earthquake Rocks Port Charles In Latest Promo

General Hospital spoilers finally reveal the calamity that will strike Port Charles. A few weeks back, spoilers were hinting that a natural disaster will change the lives of several PC residents. It seems like the cliffhanger for this week will be a big one.

Rocked To Its Core

In a 15-second tease, General Hospital revealed that a major calamity will happen in the ABC soap. There are still a lot of conflict in town, but this week, it seems like everything will be at a standstill as PC deals with a natural disaster.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that this earthquake will have a profound effect on a lot of people. It seems like this catastrophe will force Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) to rely on each other. The former couple has been at odds in the past weeks since Sam is trying her best not to hurt Drew’s (Billy Miller) feelings.

Leaning overnight that his sons are not his but his twins’ remains to be a shock. Even if he discovered he had a teenage son in Oscar, Drew can’t help but feel like he has to call the shots for Jason’s children in just a few weeks.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be more scenes with JaSam, and there’s a possibility that one of the children will suffer because of the natural disaster. Of course, Jason, Sam, and Drew’s affairs is just one piece of the puzzle.

Other Port Charles residents will also be affected by the catastrophe. As noted by Soap Hub, it may seem weird for Port Charles to be affected by an earthquake, but it already happened before. So, there’s no stopping the writing team from bringing another quake to change the landscape.

Another curious thing is that Jim Harvey seems to be at the one place he would not be in. So, it appears like this quake is not entirely a natural disaster but a Jim Harvey scheme.

‘General Hospital’ This Week

This week is bound to be pretty intense. The search for Faison’s son is on, Dr. Andre will be out of Pentonville, and he will be there to extend a helping hand to Anna. General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Nelle will continue to taunt Carly and Sonny will have his hands full due to his dad’s issues.