Jon Jones Admits To Letting Management Team Sign Mandatory Drug Paperwork In UFC

UFC superstar Jon Jones received some terrible news today as the California State Athletic Commission has banned him from competing in the UFC for one full year. The decision was based on Jones failing a drug test in July, causing the UFC to forfeit his win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214. While the CSAC released their decision, which was unanimous, Jones and his attorney, Howard Jacobs, still maintained his innocence. Jones even went so far as to claim that maybe someone slipped it into his food to set him up for the failure. However, the most damaging news came when ESPN reported that Jones admitted in the hearing that he falsely claimed to review the mandatory USADA instructional materials. Instead, he had his management sign the documents for him.

Jon Jones’ Statements

Jon Jones still maintained that he has no idea how the banned drugs ended up in his system. Jones said that it made no sense that anyone would juice one week before a fight. He said that all the members of the CSAC knew that makes no sense and there is no way that he would have done that.

He also went into the conspiracy theories that someone might have added it to one of his meals or drinks without his knowledge, saying that it was driving him crazy to wonder why someone would do this to him.

However, while Jon Jones was adamant that he was innocent, the CSAC looked to his past to see issues leading to this. He failed a drug test before in 2014 for cocaine and also had a hit-and-run incident in 2015. He already served a one-year suspension in the past. One member even said the UFC gave Jones a Bentley and he wrapped it around a utility pole in a DUI accident.

Jon Jones Admits To Falsifying Mandatory Drug Paperwork In UFC

The UFC Fallout For Jon Jones

The fact is that Jon Jones has been suspended for one year by the CSAC and it might get worse. The USADA can suspend him for a maximum of four years since this is a repeat violation of their drug policies.

CSAC chairman John Cavelli said at the hearing that he wants Jon Jones back in the UFC because he is a “unique, outstanding athlete.” With that said, at the age of 30, a four-year ban could take him out of his prime and cost him millions as a result.

With Brock Lesnar rumored to make his UFC return, there were rumblings that Lesnar could face Jon Jones. The one-year ban was retroactive, so it ends in August, and that means a fight with Lesnar is still a possibility. However, with Jones admitting that he falsified the mandatory USADA instructional materials, he faces more problems if they come down hard on him for this latest incident.