‘Monster Hunter: World’ Players Can Unlock New ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Gear Now

More Horizon Zero Dawn content is now available in Monster Hunter: World. Until March 15, players can unlock Aloy armor and an Aloy bow by completing a new event quest. The event quest will task players with hunting down an Anjanath in the Ancient Forest. Although many hunters face this beast every day, the target in the event quest is much larger than normal Anjanath creatures.

Players need to defeat an Anjanath to unlock the collaboration armor because the beast is reminiscent of the Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn. According to the PlayStation Blog, the two creatures share a similar build, making the Anjanath a logical target. By defeating the massive Anjanath, Monster Hunter: World players will receive items needed to craft the new armor set and the new bow.

Since the Aloy armor set is part of a special event quest, it cannot be mixed with other pieces of armor. The Aloy armor is not cosmetic layered armor. It does have statistics, though, and it can be upgraded like normal armor. When worn, the Aloy armor provides skills like Marathon Runner and changes the appearance of the hunter. Both male and female players of Monster Hunter: World will look like Aloy when wearing the armor.

Players can start the event quest by heading to a quest board or counter. Within Event Quests, players will find a new mission called “The Proving.” Players will need to be at least hunter rank 11 to undertake the six-star mission, as noted on the game’s official site. Like most weapons and armor in Monster Hunter: World, players will likely need to finish the quest multiple times to get enough materials for the armor and bow.

This is the second Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration quest in Monster Hunter: World. The first quest, “Lessons of The Wild,” rewarded items needed to craft the full palico set and weapon. That quest will return in the event rotation at a later date. Since Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, the collaboration quests are only available to Monster Hunter: World players on PS4.

As the Inquisitr reported, the Capcom title features cross-region support for up to four players. When alone or in a party of two, players are accompanied by their own palico companion. Like their hunter, Monster Hunter: World players customize their palico and choose what type of armor and weapon it uses.

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