Jenelle Evans Reflects On High School As ‘Good Old Days’: Is She Regretting ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fame?

Robin MarchantGetty Images

Jenelle Evans has kept quiet since she learned that MTV no longer wanted to work with her husband, David Eason. After David got himself a Twitter account, he decided to share his views which were homophobic and aggressive in nature. People started reporting him to Twitter in hopes of getting his account deactivated. His account was removed within a few hours and it didn’t take more than a few days for MTV to end their working relationship with him. Jenelle’s role with the show appears to be up in the air at the moment, as there are only six weeks left of scheduled production of Teen Mom 2. Jenelle hasn’t said much about her working relationship with MTV, but one can imagine she doesn’t want to end filming because of her businesses and her paycheck from the network.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that the good old days were the best days. In her Instagram post, she shared a photo from her high school days where she was a cheerleader. This was clearly before she got pregnant with Jace. Perhaps she’s sharing this throwback as her troubles began when she got pregnant with Jace. Then MTV came along and offered her a spot on 16 & Pregnant. She also filmed Teen Mom 2, which has been on the air for 7 years.

She also explained that the times were bittersweet, but she didn’t explain why. Perhaps she’s reflecting on her high school years and how she may have wanted to do things differently when she got pregnant with Jace. It’s possible that she would have a different life these days if she had given Jace up for adoption or ended her pregnancy before she got too far along. However, she wouldn’t have had three children and it’s possible she wouldn’t have met her husband, David Eason.

These days, Jenelle Evans is staying near her home in North Carolina and she’s working on launching her various business ventures. She recently released a clothing line and she has an app coming out soon. It’s possible she’s working hard on these ventures in hopes of securing more income in case she’s released from Teen Mom 2.