‘General Hospital’ Star Kelly Monaco Responds To Tweet Calling Her And Billy Miller ‘Arrogant’

Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller hosted an event last weekend. It was the first-ever “Killy Live” show, something the duo had been planning for months. Monaco and Miller are popular with the General Hospital crowd. Their relationship on-screen is filled with chemistry, and their friendship off-screen is filled with laughs and fun. Monaco’s character is caught in the middle between two men she loves, but fans have very strong opinions about who Sam should be with.

There has been a lot of talk about the problems on social media that the General Hospital actors are dealing with. When Steve Burton returned to reclaim the role of Jason Morgan, things got out of control. Now, there is plenty of drama and mean comments to go around. Kelly Monaco has talked at length about how kindness is important. The hashtag used on Twitter is #Killywithkindness. This is a big deal for both Monaco and Billy Miller. Both have made statements about how bullying is not acceptable, and yet, the comments keep coming.

On Sunday, Kelly Monaco responded to a hateful tweet. There were comments made about how fake she was and how both she and Billy Miller were all about the money. This was in response to a tweet that said they just wanted the money and the two actors didn’t care about their fans. Monaco responded that the proceeds from their event went to charity. It was the NextGenFace charity, and the two were happy to help the cause. Kelly and Billy are both advocates against bullying, and these comments made about them are getting to be too much.

With everything happening on General Hospital regarding Sam loving two men, the fans have been vocal about who she should end up with. Kelly Monaco has held the role of Samantha Morgan for 15 years now, and nothing compares to this current storyline. So many viewers want her to reunite with Jason, but Sam has built a new life with Billy Miller’s Drew. The emotions this has evoked from General Hospital fans is shocking.

Other General Hospital stars have addressed the bullying as well. Fans have sent tweets to the actors who have a job to do. There was some talk about betraying Billy Miller when Steve Burton arrived. Kelly Monaco is caught in the middle, and she finally spoke out. If things don’t change, it could make having access to the cast an issue. Miller doesn’t use social media, and this is one of the main reasons. Monaco doesn’t usually feed into the negativity, but this time, she wanted to clear up the misconception that she was only in it for the money. She cares about her fans, and so does Billy Miller.

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