Luke Pell Finds Love: ‘The Bachelor: Winter Games’ Star Credits Reality Show For His Rekindled Romance

Luke Pell probably won’t be headed to Bachelor in Paradise this summer—or any other Bachelor show, ever. The Bachelorette alum has found love after his recent stint on the international spinoff, The Bachelor: Winter Games, but not with fellow contestant Stassi Yaramchuk, the Swedish beauty he iced out during the show’s reunion special.

Last week, Luke Pell was bashed by Bachelor fans all over the world after his reunion with Yaramchuk during the World Tells All reunion special. Stassi told host Chris Harrison Luke ghosted her after they wrapped filming on The Bachelor: Winter Games, but Pell claims they had a conversation about why a romance between them would never work out. Now, in an interview with People, Luke Pell said he went on Winter Games to find love after a breakup with girlfriend Holly Allen.

On The Bachelor: Winter Games, Luke Pell bonded with Stassi Yaramchuk after they discovered they both had heart conditions. But Pell says it was during that time that he also realized that his heart was with someone else.

“During that time, I really started reflecting on where my heart was at and I started thinking a lot about my ex, honestly,” Pell told People.

“I came to the epiphany of saying, ‘My heart is with somebody else.’ I wanted to make that clear, and that didn’t take away from the fact that Stassi and I had that initial connection. She’s amazing and she’s great.”

Luke Pell Stassi Yaramchuk Of The Bachelor Winter Games

Luke Pell claims that after The Bachelor: Winter Games wrapped, he had a lengthy discussion with Stassi about the fact that “they weren’t going to have a future” together.

“I went on the show to find love, and I did find love,” Luke told People. “It made me realize where my heart was, and that was to reconcile with my ex.”

Luke Pell said he reconnected with his ex, Holly Allen, after he broke things off with Stassi and the two got back together in January. Pell says getting back with Holly was the greatest decision he has ever made.

“We’re together now and stronger than ever,” Luke revealed.

“I’m in love with her. I’m just thankful that going on this show helped me to find where my heart really was and who my heart was with.”

Luke also admitted that he hates the fact that Stassi many have been caught in the middle of his conflict, but he also claimed to be stunned by her behavior at the reunion special because he felt they had hashed everything out two months prior. Luke Pell was caught giving Stassi the cold shoulder after he thought the cameras had stopped rolling during the World Tells All special.

Despite the international drama, Luke Pell credits The Bachelor: Winter Games for his rekindled romantic relationship with Holly Allen.

“[Our relationship] happened because of the show, and I have great hopes about what the future holds for us,” Luke told People. “I’m happily in a relationship with Holly and that’s what I’m trying to focus on now. I have my experience on the show and the show to thank for helping me find that out.”

Of course, not everyone is buying Luke Pell’s story. Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve questioned the timing of Luke and Holly’s breakup and makeup. Other fans also weighed in on Luke’s dating drama.

Last April, Reality Steve posted on his spoiler website that Luke was dating Holly Allen. Now that Luke has admitted he is still dating the same woman, some fans think he never broke up with her before heading to The Bachelor: Winter Games. If the rumors about the timing of his relationship are true, it looks like Luke Pell didn’t go on Winter Games for the “right reasons” after all.