Trump Mocked On Twitter For Heroic Comments

The president of the U.S., Donald Trump, on Monday said that he would have run into a Florida school during the shooting unarmed, according to NBC News. The statement by the president sent Twitter in a frenzy, with many users, including celebrities, sharing their opinion of the presidents’ alleged bravery. The president, while speaking with governors, criticized some deputies who failed to immediately react by entering the school during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

The president talked about the sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson, who was on site during the shooting but did not enter the school; the deputy resigned after being suspended without pay. Trump also proposed that some teachers in schools should be trained and armed. The only way to stop the shootings, according to the president, was retribution and not by being kind.

However, the most interesting part of Donald Trump’s discussion was his heroic fantasy. The Daily Beast posted a story on their Twitter of how Trump once allegedly turned away in disgust while an 80-year-old man bled to death in front of him. Stephen Colbert tweeted, “There’s a lot in there that I doubt. But the part I really don’t believe is that he can run.” Mark Hamill thinks Trump is about as likely to go all Die Hard as Hamill is to win an Oscar on Sunday. Comedian Paula Poundstone could see Trump running toward danger, but not for the reason he suggests, according to USA Today.

The president was mocked by some users for his inability to run, @CDecker127 says, “He couldn’t run across the street to McDonald’s for a cheeseburger.” Another user, @MidLifeDiva says, “The Country calls BS!” Users shared gifs and memes mocking the president’s statement with many sharing their frustration. Some even pointed out his inactivity on Twitter for the past 48 hours, insinuating there is trouble in paradise.

However, many other users laughed at the statement by Trump, pointing out that he purportedly evaded the draft five times. One of the reasons for evading the draft, according to reports, is because of bone spores in his foot, which some users reminded the president about. Many users doubt that a president with no military background and combat experience could actually run into a shooting unarmed like the president imagined. According to the Press Secretary regarding the statement, “He was just stating that as a leader he would have stepped in and hopefully been able to help.”

However, some users like @jetrotter and @TimRunsHisMouth, in the president’s defense, shared a report from the New York Daily News in 1991. Trump had his driver pull over his car to run out of it to stop a mugging. A user, @Mr_DrinksOnMe says, “Why would Donald Trump run into an active school shooting, even if unarmed? Because he knows one of his supporters would never shoot him.” The president has continued to receive backlash for his statement, which some see as insensitive and dishonest.