Kelly Clarkson Dominates At ‘The Voice’ Season 14 Premiere, The ‘Country Queen’ Has Arrived

Kelly Clarkson, the newly crowned “Country Queen,” has finally arrived and she brought with her a huge bag of enthusiasm during her coaching debut on NBC’s The Voice. The singer dominated the show’s first blind auditions by getting the most singers on her team. The latest season features the original American Idol winner as the show’s new coach along with returning coach, Alicia Keys. Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are likely in for some tough competition this season as Clarkson has apparently come prepared to fight and win.

The 35-year old songwriter stole the entire show during the premiere with her witty remarks and unfiltered comments. She even called out the producers on the show’s new block button, which she claimed was put on there simply because they knew that she was coming and that they were all afraid of her. On several occasions when the judges were fighting for a particular artist, Clarkson was also quick to point out that unlike the other judges, she had already won a competition and that fact alone would make her an excellent choice as a coach.

Due to the fact that Shelton and Clarkson have known each other for quite some time, Clarkson was able to share a number of very entertaining banters with the reigning “King of Country.” On several occasions, Clarkson joked about how Shelton had hired her to mentor his team in the show’s second season and how he still is saying that she doesn’t “know country music.”

Shelton and Clarkson fought for several artists during the blind auditions, but Clarkson ultimately got the better of Shelton during the two-hour contest. Clarkson also called out Shelton during the auditions and told him that she was on to his games. At one point, the “Stronger” singer jokingly called Shelton a “great liar” and suggested that he should have been an actor.

Clarkson currently has three artists on her team, including 14-year-old Brynn Cartelli, D.R. King, and Justin Kilgore. Kilgore was the only artist during the auditions that got all four coaches to turn their chairs with Shelton being blocked by Keys. Kilgore apparently impressed all of them with his version of the Chris Young song, “Tomorrow.” Keys, Levine, and Shelton all got two artists each at the end of the blind auditions.

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