Fans Swoon Over Kelly Ripa’s #MCM Photo Of Mark Consuelos, Who Ripa Says Is Getting ‘Better With Age’

When it comes to love, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos seem to be the perfect picture of how a marriage should be.

The couple is no strangers to posting sweet photos of each other on their respective Instagram accounts while also writing adoring comments on one another’s posts. As the Inquisitr reported back in January, Ripa showed off her husband with a photo from his show Riverdale on Instagram while also referring to him as “daddy.”

The Inquisitr also reported that both Kelly and Mark packed on the PDA at the Live With Kelly and Ryan New Year’s Eve Party. Kelly even posted a photo of the couple smooching together to ring in the New Year.

And today, Kelly was at it again with yet another throwback of Consuelos from his younger years. In the photo, a young and fresh-faced Consuelos can be seen wearing a sweater with a button-up shirt underneath as he smiles and stares off into the distance. To go along with the photo, Kelly had an equally as cute caption.

“#MCM 2002 now and forever.”

In the comments, Consuelos took a jab at himself, saying that he had “peaked” then and there. But his wife was quick to come to his defense and boost his ego by telling him that he is only getting better with age and the “proof is in the puddin’.”

#mcm 2002 now and forever.

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It comes as no surprise that Ripa’s 1.6 million-plus Instagram followers simply adored the photo and made sure to show their love. Within eight hours of being posted, Ripa’s picture gained over 31,000 likes and 510 comments. While many fans commented on how good looking Mark is in the photo from 2002, others couldn’t help but comment on the couple’s adorable relationship and banter.

“Nice to see 2 good looking people in this ‘biz,’ together, with a beautiful family and a seemingly still loving relationship.”

“I love the way you two are still so in love,” another fan commented.

In another photo, the couple continued their cute banter over a picture of Ripa at the dentist. In the photo, Ripa’s mouth is wide opened with a tooth tray. Her husband noticed the photo and made sure to comment again.

Am i a) getting ready for Hollywood or b) fulfilling my dream of auditioning for Santa clause? @marclowenberg thoughts?

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“Is it weird this picture makes me feel a certain kinda way,” he asked.

Ripa joked that it depends — if he’s feeling like she looks sexy in the picture then yes, he should seek help. Consuelos replied back, telling Ripa that he was going to call the hotline right now. Ripa perfectly ended the convo.

“Good baby. I’ll stand by you.”

It’s only a matter of time before the couple shares their next adorable post.