Jennifer Lawrence Finally Breaks Her Silence On The Chris Pratt Cheating Rumors She Was Linked To

When Anna Faris and Chris Pratt broke up after eight years of marriage in August of 2017, one of the rumors that was widely spread involved accusations of cheating. Many fans were quick to blame Jennifer Lawrence for the couple’s marriage falling apart, with headlines claiming that Pratt and his Passengers co-star had hooked up while working on the movie together. However, while those rumors were never substantiated even when they first broke back when the movie debuted, in a December of 2016 interview, Faris actually talked about how damaging those headlines were for her and her relationship, saying that the speculation about what happened between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence made her feel “incredibly insecure.”

After all of the rumors and speculation, it seems that Lawrence is finally speaking out in defense of herself as well. According to the Daily Mail, during a candid radio interview on February 26, the actress opened up about the many rumors that she has heard about herself, including ones that had her linked romantically to Pratt, as well as Brad Pitt, both rumors she denied.

When it came to the rumors about herself and her Passengers co-star, Jennifer Lawrence said, “I never had an affair with Chris Pratt on Passengers,” even saying that she believed that rumor was a “good one.”

As the actress pointed out, Anna Faris and Pratt separated two years after they worked together on the movie, and when it was announced that they were splitting up, Lawrence was apparently in Montreal, nowhere near the couple.

Although Jennifer Lawrence did not speak out at the time, there were plenty of people blaming her for the much-loved couple’s break-up. While she may have found the rumors about her and Chris Pratt being together weird, Lawrence said when it came to the Brad Pitt rumors, it was not so much weird as “super flattering,” even if the stories did end up getting to a point where they were saying that the two celebrities were secretly meeting.

Jennifer Lawrence has no problem admitting the things she does in her life, including talking about how she and Kris Jenner became friends and how they did not know each other before the infamous snapshot that showed them laying in bed together. With Lawrence admitting that she did not have an affair with Chris Pratt and that these rumors are not true, plus both Anna Faris and Pratt also denying the rumors, as Page Six reported when they shared how Faris felt about the many stories back in October of 2017, it seems that maybe these long-standing rumors can finally be laid to rest.

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