Chelsea DeBoer Considering A Barre Class: Is The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Expecting A Baby?

Chelsea DeBoer and her husband Cole DeBoer have a great relationship. It seems like they are always joking around and trying to make each other laugh on Teen Mom 2, even though Chelsea is dealing with some heavy issues in regards to custody and Aubree’s father, Adam Lind. While Chelsea and Cole goof around on the screen, it sounds like the humor and the jokes continue when they aren’t necessarily filming for Teen Mom 2. This weekend, Chelsea contemplated whether to start working out by taking a barre class. A barre class is a workout that is mildly inspired by ballet dancers, where participates use a barre to do exercises. It is a class that allows you to control how mild or how difficult you want it to be.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that her husband didn’t quite understand the idea of a barre class. He thought she was talking about the bar, revealing that he didn’t understand the concept of people going to drink at the bar and then working out. It sounds like Chelsea could only shake her head at her husband. But if Chelsea is considering joining the gym, is she waiting to get pregnant with her third child?

“I told Cole that I’m thinking about trying a Barre class this week and he deadass was so confused thinking it was like a BAR. ‘Wait, people like…get drunk and workout?’” Chelsea DeBoer revealed about her husband’s understanding of the barre class she wanted to take.

There always seems to be rumors about someone being pregnant in the Teen Mom 2 franchise. But Chelsea is the only one who has admitted to having baby fever and wanting another baby. In addition, her husband appears to be completely on board with the plan. The barre class isn’t something that could get in the way of her pregnancy. In fact, a barre class is completely safe to do while pregnant as long as she listens to her body. That’s not to say that she is pregnant, but fans would love to see another baby from Chelsea and Cole. If she is pregnant, she may announce it on Instagram and on Teen Mom 2.

Chelsea DeBoer may be thinking about how a third baby could fit into their family. It’s possible that she and Cole are thinking about another baby, as he revealed he was ready for another baby whenever she was.