Jenelle Evans Returns To Twitter After Husband Was Fired But Fans May Be Disappointed With Her Return

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Jenelle Evans deactivated her Twitter account last week after fans learned that David Eason had made homophobic comments on his own Twitter account. Over the span of a few hours, fans lashed out at Eason, reporting him to Twitter for breaking their terms of use. Jenelle claimed she deactivated her account in solidarity with her husband, and for about a week, fans have wondered what they have been doing without their Twitter accounts active. Both of them kept their Instagram accounts active, but early this morning, Jenelle activated her account again.

But just because she’s back on Twitter doesn’t mean she’s going to give an explanation as to what happened with her husband. Plus, one can imagine she isn’t going to talk about her future with Teen Mom 2. Instead, Jenelle had a short message for her fans. According to the new tweet, Jenelle Evans has no plans of using her Twitter account like she once did. Instead, she’s only keeping it open to discuss Teen Mom 2 when the show returns. When production fired David Eason, they only had six weeks left of production, which means she is still on this upcoming season. It’s possible she’s required to have this Twitter account because of her MTV contract.

The tweet was shared this morning and it’s possible that Jenelle Evans is planning on distancing herself even more from MTV. During a recent interview with Vince Russo, she admitted that she had often thought about pulling the plug completely from social media. At the time, she was filming Teen Mom 2 and she told Vince that the crew was filming her. It’s possible that she couldn’t say that she was required to have these social media accounts, but it’s possible that she’s required to engage with fans as part of her contract. Based on David’s firing, it sounds like she’s following through on her decision to remove herself from social media.

Jenelle Evans is focusing on her business ventures these days, including the new app that will allow fans to talk to her. This was something she promoted during the recent interview with Vince Russo, but also something that she’s actively promoting now. She didn’t reveal whether she had been fired from Teen Mom 2.