Safaree Video: Graphic Leaked Video And Photos Of Safaree Samuels Create Twitter Frenzy

Greg DohertyGetty Images

Safaree Samuels may be best known as the king of coconut oil and as the ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, but on Monday, February 26, Safaree became famous for something else. A leaked video and photos allegedly displaying Safaree’s male body part became the reason that Nicki’s ex began trending on Twitter, and he became the subject of lots of memes and tweets claiming it might represent the reason Minaj would want to return to Safaree.

Safaree stepped out of Minaj’s shadow to showcase his own island-loving personality on Love & Hip Hop, but now VH1 is reporting the crazy online response to Safaree’s recent leaked video and photos. The publication notes that Safaree is likely receiving loads of direct messages from both men and women who have a sudden interest in him after the leak.

As noted by the hosts of The Breakfast Club in the above video, Safaree will likely release a new song in the wake of all the attention that his leaked video and photos are bringing the star. The NSFW video has caused plenty of inappropriate search items to begin trending on Twitter at the moment, as folks react to the footage seen in Safaree’s video.

While some Twitter users are posting GIFs representing their disgust of the Safaree video, others are posting videos and memes representing their thirst for the Safaree video.


As reported by BET, Safaree’s new video is “breaking the internet” and has caused a big reaction to the graphic footage to be published online about the swinging symbol of Samuels in front of a smartphone’s camera lens. While some folks are reacting in a negative manner, others are posting tweets of their approval, with one popular tweet gaining thousands of likes.


The above Twitter user said she would have done more than post a Snapchat video making fun of Safaree upon seeing him at a popular California shopping locale two years ago.

According to the Jamaica Gleaner, Safaree’s full name is Safaree Lloyd Samuels, and though Safaree is famous for rocking his Jamaican accent, he was actually born in Brooklyn, New York, to Jamaican parents.