Kim Kardashian Makes A Drastic Change To Her Hair, Reports ‘People Magazine’

Willy SanjuanAP Images

Kim Kardashian is changing up her look yet again. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recently revealed that she was “over” her blonde hairstyle, and now she’s decided to change it up. However, the fashionista didn’t go back to her dark roots. In fact, she went in the opposite direction.

According to a February 25 report by People Magazine, Kim Kardashian now has pink hair. Kim debuted her new look on social media over the weekend, and many fans believed that she may be wearing a wig. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It appears that Kardashian really dyed her hair pink, a decision which she explains on her mobile app for all those who subscribe to it for a fee of $25 a year.

As many Kim Kardashian fans know, the mother of three is known for her signature dark locks. However, she has become accustomed to going blonde every now and again. Back in September of 2017, Kim debuted her blonde hair at New York Fashion Week. Since that time, Kardashian’s hair has been waist-length, cut into a short bob, and then returned to longer locks again with extensions. However, it has stayed blonde for the past six months.

Kim Kardashian was spotted rocking her pink hairstyle over the weekend while out and about in L.A. with her husband, Kanye West. TMZ reports that paparazzi caught the two outside of a warehouse in California where West had some fun with the photographers as he pretended to relieve himself outside of the building as Kim laughed at her husband’s playful banter for the cameras.


While Kim has been teasing fans about possibly going back to her original hair color since the beginning of the year, her pink hair could be a hint that she is ready to do just that. It seems possible that Kardashian is trying out the new pink look for fun before she goes back to her dark roots. However, Kim is known for taking some risks when it comes to fashion, makeup, and her hair. So even if she does decide to return to her original color, fans can expect that she’ll change it up again in the future.