WWE News: John Cena Gives Cryptic ‘WrestleMania 34’ Message After ‘Elimination Chamber 2018’ Post-Show


After Sunday night’s Elimination Chamber 2018 pay-per-view had officially ended, John Cena was still without an opponent for WrestleMania 34. The WWE free agent was one of the guests on the Raw Talk post-show and discussed his path to “the grandest stage of them all.” Cena’s delivery was in a tone that fans rarely hear from him, as he suggested he’s still going to be a part of the big event in New Orleans, Louisiana, one way or another.

During the Elimination Chamber 2018 main event, John Cena was among the competitors vying for the trip to WrestleMania 34 to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal title. However as ProWrestling.net indicated, Cena was eliminated during the match results by Braun Strowman. Cena’s loss came as he attempted a high-risk move from off the corner and Strowman caught him, then delivered his powerslam for the pinfall. With that, it seemed Cena’s path to WrestleMania had been halted.

However, the superstar would show up later on the WWE Network’s Raw Talk with Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg. The hosts didn’t get in too many questions as Cena delivered a message in which he basically said he’s been juggling a lot of things at once and it hasn’t been easy. Still, he said he’s not going to be left without an opponent so he may have to “step outside the normal protocol.” The hosts asked Cena what that means and he said, “I’ll figure it out” before leaving.


The message from Cena comes with plenty of mystery in terms of what he may have meant by it. There had been ongoing rumors that The Undertaker was going to show up at Sunday night’s pay-per-view to get involved in the chamber match or possibly challenge Cena. However, another pay-per-view has completed with no sign of The Undertaker. Still, it’s possible that Cena will issue his own challenge to “The Deadman” on Raw or another program.

The two competitors fought years ago in WWE in their younger days. At one point, Cena was involved in a feud with Undertaker while he was still using his rapper gimmick. The Undertaker and Cena haven’t tangled quite so much towards the “tail ends” of their careers, though. Still, there are a number of fans who want to see this “dream match” take place at Mania. With that said, one would think that WWE would have wanted to announce that match a bit further in advance to help build to the pay-per-view.


John Cena is currently listed as a WWE free agent, which could give him his pick of available opponents. He could basically set up his own match and get an opponent to agree to it, rather than asking the “powers that be” for the opportunity. With that said, it leaves a lot of room for WWE to work with, although there’s only one month left until WrestleMania 34. If they are planning to build up a big Cena vs. Undertaker match, they better set that plan in motion sooner rather than later.