WWE News: Former WWE World Champion Makes Surprise Appearance For Lucha Underground


After leaving WWE by choice or not, many superstars end up wrestling for other promotions around the world, and that’s rather expected since they still need to work. In the case of Jack Swagger, he appeared to be well on his way to greatness in the company as an ECW Champion and World Heavyweight Champion, but he fell out of favor and eventually parted ways. Despite signing with Bellator just last month, he’s not done wrestling and has landed with Lucha Underground.

It was March of last year that Jack Swagger (real name Donald Hager) was released from his WWE contract. He went to the independent scene for a while and even wrestled in different promotions around the world, but never with a major U.S. promotion.

ESPN reported late last year that Swagger had signed with Bellator MMA as a heavyweight and would begin his training for his first fight. It is not known when he will have his first fight, but it is expected for April or this summer.

Many have wondered if he was done wrestling for good after joining Bellator, but it doesn’t seem as if he’s going to give that up just yet. Believe it or not, he’s actually heading to the temple.

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Featured image credit: WWE

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Jack Swagger has agreed to appear on Season 4 of Lucha Underground which is currently being taped. It is believed that he was in a dark match for the company on Saturday and that led to a lot of speculation, but some proof was given to all this talk on Sunday.

Since Lucha Underground is all taped far in advance of airing, it is rather difficult to keep anything secret. John Hennigan, also known as John Morrison, Johnny Mundo, or Johnny Impact posted a video on Instagram that showed him working out with others in Lucha Underground, and Swagger made a not-so-subtle appearance.

It’s a pretty humorous way for Jack Swagger to make his Lucha Underground debut, but it makes a lot of sense when looking at the grand scheme of things. As he’s training for Bellator MMA, he can still stay in the eyes of full-time wrestling fans by joining the temple and getting a full season out of the way in a short period of time. Things never seemed to work out for him in WWE, but he still has a lot of fans and LU will be a good way for him to wrestle and live the world of MMA.