Kate Stoltz Gets Asked If ‘Breaking Amish’ Is Scripted, Shares Her Thoughts

Kate Stoltz may be done with Breaking Amish, but that doesn’t mean that people are done asking her about the show. In Touch Weekly shared that Kate was recently asked about if the show was scripted or not and her answer says a lot without actually saying it.

There have been rumors for years that Breaking Amish and Return to Amish are scripted. There are a lot of reality shows that people feel like are, but they are still called reality. Kate Stoltz was recently asked about it and she gave an answer but didn’t reveal too much. The fans were hoping for a bit more from her than she gave them.

The thing was that Kate Stoltz shared that she can’t really say. So without saying anything, she kind of said something. Kate also did say that she doesn’t talk to any of her former co-stars anymore. Kate is now working in the fashion industry and obviously, she has the show to thank for helping her make it. The rumors have flown that the show was scripted and also that people weren’t really who they said they were on the show or had already been living as non-Amish before it started.

Even though she isn’t talking to the people from the show, Kate Stoltz did share that things are a lot better with her family now, which is good news. She shared that she does enjoy going home and seeing them. Kate is focusing on her design and fashion right now and seems to be very focused on her job. She has been in New York City for five years now and pursuing her dreams.

On the last season of Return To Amish, they didn’t really even mention Kate so it looks like her time with the show is totally over. She will never get away from people asking her about it, though.

For now, TLC hasn’t confirmed another season of Breaking Amish, but Kate Stoltz wasn’t on the last one, so it looks like she is done and moving on. Hopefully, TLC will confirm if another season is coming soon. TLC doesn’t normally announce a new season until they already have the premiere date figured out.

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