Robert Pattinson ‘Desperate’ To Maintain Bond With Kristen Stewart, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

It’s been nearly six years since Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart called it quits, but the public is still obsessed with their relationship. Both Kristen and Robert have been involved in high profile relationships since they broke up, so there hasn’t been much to report on the duo collectively over the past few years. An alleged sighting of the exes hanging out together a few weeks ago, however, has revived the rumor mill. Hollywood Life is now reporting that Robert Pattinson is allegedly desperate to maintain his newfound bond with Kristen Stewart.

Rob finds his friendship with Kristen very important,” said a source close to the actor. “They went through so much together and he knows he will forever be tied to her and wants to always be friendly with her.”

The source continued, “They might not talk every day, they will not get back together romantically and they may not hang out all the time. But he appreciates the bond they have and is always finding it important nowadays to make her a friend for life and repair any animosity they may have had with each other.”

The source when on to state that Robert is now “more mature” than he was during the height of the Twilight pandemonium. Because of this, Robert is allegedly putting greater emphasis on time and family. This has him wanting to reconnect with Kristen, whom he still shares a strong connection with. The source ended their statement by saying that Robert wants to be apart of her life in “any way, shape, or form.”

Fans of the famous exes are absolutely beside themselves at this supposed revelation. If you recall, the former Twilight stars inspired a bunch of headlines about their relationship, which developed while they were filming and promoting the popular franchise. In fact, their real-life romance helped to boost interest in their movies. Things came to an end, however, after Kristen Stewart’s affair with a married director came to light. The pair did briefly reconcile around the time of the last Twilight installment in 2012, but they eventually broke up for good. The fact that Robert Pattinson supposedly wants to reconnect with Kristen means that the fans’ dreams of having them get back are a possibility again.

Unfortunately, Gossip Cop has completely debunked Hollywood Life’s entire report. Among other things, the fact-checking site is basically urging people to not believe a word of Hollywood Life’s news story because of its inconsistent reporting in the past.

“There’s a reason no credible outlets have been running similar narratives about the former couple, and that’s because the site seems to be making it all up out of whole cloth,” Gossip Cop says.

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